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    Name on passport and name used by scammer: Nenita Villaran or Villeran.
    This one is used by scammer Joseph Nelson:

    Villaran Nenita.jpg

    And a really bad Nenita picture, maybe photochopped:

    Nenita photo.jpg
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    Nenita Villaran - Villeran

    Scammer: Nenita Villaran - Villeran - Philippines fake passport

    Villaran Nenita2.jpg
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    I guess they don't put those number lines on the bottom of these. Meet Anna Kris Baran. DOB, 11 August 1982 or 11 August 1992. Take your pick. The picture doesn't change! Nice photoshopping! Not!

    Submitted by a member.

    baran 82.jpg baran 92.jpg
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    Teresita Lopez Ibardaloza

    This is the latest Fake Counterfeit Philippino Passport Scam from Dating Personal Sites. Teresita Lopez Ibardaloza

    The girls offer themselves on Internet with nude, pornographic, sex acts for from US$10-; / 10 minutes show.

    You are warned NOT to give your credit card details, since the final amount may run into thousands of dollars.:D

    The Dating sites-; MatchDoctor.Com, DateMeFree.Com, DateInAsia.Com are some of the sites to excercise Caution.


    The Scammers Regular Stories....

    The Scammers Regular Stories....

    1: My mother / father died. I need your help for the funeral
    2: Its my birthday tomorrow. Can you send me a present?
    3: My bother fell from a tree and injured his head. Can you help the medicines costs?
    4: I eat only bread, once a day. My little brother is starving.
    5: I can come to your country. I have a passport. I will be the one who buys a Promo ticket. Here is my passport copy......(FAKE)
    6: I can talk to you all the time if you help me to buy a cell phone.
    7: If you help me with $100-; I can buy a Cam so I can show you my body and give you a sex show.
    8: Can you send me $100-; to buy Slimming Tea so I will look beautiful for you.
    9: I am 20 years and live with my two siblings since both my parents died last year. I work hard selling vegetables to feed my siblings.
    10: My school fees were due last month and please support me to pay my fees.
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    Of course they are the same. They work from scripts.
  7. i've got an email from Nenita Villaran!

    thanks for the helpful information, today i got an email from the so-called Madam Nenita Villaran . she introduced herself to me as the widow and legitimate heir to the late former Minister of finance in Philippine ! and it was soon followed by emails from Miss Rita Kallou 20 years old and Mrs Helen Philips 58 years old with heart-breaking stories about dying with cancer and dead parents they all had something in common " ivory coast" i didn't bother myself with details. i copied 3 messages out of 4 to my pc and marked them all as phishing scams and they were deleted before i copied the last message, which i think it was from that guy joseph nelson, i'm not sure. i made a search on the net for "Nenita Villaran" and thank god i found my way to this website ,because somehow i was feeling guilty of ignoring the emails but now i'm not.
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    Philippine Passport Scams - Are they "inside jobs"?

    Philippine Passport Scams - Are they "inside jobs"?

    Following names and email addresses are from the same person also known as-;
    monic143 from kawas in Philippines
    who claims that the Philippine Passport attached was produced by "Fixers" within the DFA for Philippine Peso 1300 and delivered within 10days.

    The picture in the Passport is super-imposed. The Date of Birth in the passport does not collaborate with date(s) given in correspondence.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Country: Philippines
    State / Region: sarangani province
    City: kawas
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Appearance: Attractive
    Height: 164 cm (5'5")
    Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs)

    From: Renby Llacono <>
    Subject: moni143 DIA
    Date: Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 8:23 AM

    Anessa C. Lordero
    Monday, August 16, 2010 6:02 AM
    From:"Ann Santo" <>
    This sender is DomainKeys verified


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    @ Texel,

    Third world countries are different.

    One can go back to the village, change name, go back to the provincial

    capital and get a new passport.

    Seen this done.

    All it takes is a couple of quids.
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    Another Fake Passport? Can anyone check please?

    Can anyone familiar with Philippine Passports, check if this Passport is Real or Fake?

    Read the story-------


    My name is PRECIOUS,i am turned 28 years old last July 11th.I grew up in the monastery for 18 years with the nuns for i was orphan since birth.I am a registered nurse here in the Philippines,but i am jobless and a job seeker now for nurses are not in demand but in abroad.I have met my fiancee January he went here to the Philippines and went back to the USA,we have secure together my PASSPORT and FIANCEE VISA at US EMBASSY here in the Philippines.we have lost communication and i have received a call from his sister telling that he died for he met a car accident.To be honest,my HEART is wounded and broken now for our future is now will be a broken bow.I have dreamed Him last May 28th and in my dream he told me that i need to pursue with my life and move forward and not be stagnant for i was so depressed and all alone to think about His lost.Now i am ready to go on with my life and searching for a right person for me to love and care.

    Please give me your opinion!

    New Email:
    I need funds for my visa.
    It cost 388 UK pounds
    and i need travel allowance and hoptel accomodation in Manila.

    capopez.jpg Dapopez visa.jpg
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    TOP TIP. If you use your real passport to scam make sure you obscure the info on the bottom lines or someone may know who you are .
    her passport infoB.jpg

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