Phone scammers- Telstra

Discussion in 'Alerts!' started by De Master Yoda, Nov 17, 2017.

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    I received a phone call today informing me that my PC was infected.
    A guy with an Indian accent who was very insistent that I turn on my PC and he would talk me through removing the virus.

    He stated a few times that he was with TELSTRA ( I am with another service provider)
    He came out with a couple of things that I have never heard before.

    The first one was that Telstra was going to suspend my account for SIX MONTHS if I did not do as he said.
    Secondly he said that once on my PC he would give me a security identification number that was only issued to Telstra employees.

    All very sneaky. So beware of these scammers using these new methods.

    I decided to tell him exactly what I thought of scammers. He was not happy and he decided to hang up.

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