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  1. mckee101

    mckee101 New Member is the originating ip which the tutorial specified as what's the next step?
  2. mckee101

    mckee101 New Member

    tomorrow, shell be online again to chat with me according to her, perhaps, to talk more about money......i can give you my yahoo messenger so you can track her many victim of her everyday..any advice, because i'm sure she/he'll be chatting me again of whether i pay or not! thank you for everything!
  3. JoeNinety

    JoeNinety New Member

    The company appears on the UK register, so we probably have a case of corporate identity theft too. I'll look into this for you tomorrow.

    As for recovering the funds, you have no chance given that payment was made via Western Union to Russia. Western Union and business transactions don't mix.
  4. mckee101

    mckee101 New Member

    @ joe

    i'll be happy to know more regarding this fraud from you.....

    regarding the money, i'm hopeless about it.. but i won't stop until this fraud from them will be stopped..

    i'm looking forward to your desire to help..thank you!

    have you cheked their site?i guess you can find it above, all the necessary information, just reply for anything you need...
  5. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Hello folks
    I am getting as Yahoo USA
    Let me take a look at the full header ,you can post it here if you omit your email address from it,
    otherwise PM it to me.
  6. JoeNinety

    JoeNinety New Member

    After checking through the records at Companies House, I'm confident the website is being operated illegally and the scammers are misusing the details of the UK company.
    You often see this kind of corporate identity theft, with the legitimate business only finding out when a lawyer or trading standards gets in touch. It has been especially difficult to prevent since the advent of e-commerce and the prevalence of money senders such as Western Union.

    I will reach out to the owners of the UK company for confirmation that the website is not theirs and suggest they establish their own web presence to reduce the chance of this happening in the future.

    Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help recover the money you've lost. Reporting your story to Action Fraud and Western Union may help you feel better but you'll have to chalk the financial loss up to experience.
  7. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    <> The current IP is = Shows as coming from Moscow. Russia.

    I have the full header if anyone needs it.
  8. mckee101

    mckee101 New Member

    @ ben

    thnaks for your help...the full header is already sent to the admin int his site, one of them has it offering his assistance above.....good luck

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