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    Subject: Lovely Capuchin and Marmoset monkeys for relocation
    From: PIETERSE HELOISE <pieterseheloise@gmail.com>
    Date: 05/08/2013 0

    *Hello ,
    Thanks for replying and for your interest in the monkeys.We have a serious emergency that we are hoping you will be of assistance . We bought the monkeys (4 Capuchin babies and 4 marmosets ) for our son who was showing interest in our neighbor's monkeys . Unfortunately we just realized that our son is highly allergic and the family doctor has instructed us that we relocate all the monkeys (4 Marmosets and 4 Capuchin) as soon as possible . My husband and I are ornithologists and we are working with a project with WWF . We are tracking a rare bird specie called the Bannerman's turaco here in Cameroon .

    I will like to know the kind of accommodation you have and also your experience with this breed or monkeys in general.So I want to let you know that I can ship to you at your convenience . Relocation fee (freight/shipping charges , delivery charges, taxes , insurance etc )R1,000 per marmoset monkey baby and R5,000 per Capuchin monkey baby plus all their belongings(bed, diapers,feeding gear etc) and their papers. So what you need to do is just email me your experience with monkeys and also describe the kind of accommodation you have as well as the following details

    Your full names****************
    Your phone number(s)*************
    Your home address********************
    Your closest airport**************
    How many babies do you want , which breed (Capuchin or marmoset) and what sex ?***************
    Name of person who will pick up****************
    Do you want to pick up at the airport or home delivery***********

    I have already called the shipping agency and they have confirmed that there is a convenient flight on Tuesday which we can catch . When I have the details , I will call them again and give them the details . They will then send us information and instructions on payment , flight details , flight tracking and delivery . Thanks for you interest .Hope you can really take care of them.You can reach us through +23793742812.My husband will really like to discuss with you.

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