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  1. Wonderwoman

    Wonderwoman Administrator Staff Member


    Dear A.F.I. members, a quick reminder:

    Please disable each of the links in your posts using the functions
    < > [ ]

    Links can be hazardous and may contain malware, in addition we are not promoting or advertising anybody or anything.

    Thank you very much for your valuable help to prevent scams and educate our readers.

    Wonderwoman :)
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  2. Garreg Ddu

    Garreg Ddu Gweinyddwr Staff Member

    With the move of to a xenFORO forum some changes have occured in the way in which email addresses and links are processed. The use of <> bracketing no longer prevents the link being active in the post. The global functions to disable parsing of links and suppress smilies do not exist in the post creation options. The method to prevent links and unwanted smilies is to bracket the post in BB code directives [plain]...text to be suppressed...[/plain]

    Thus if the original text was: :D :p

    the use of the BB codes makes this: :D :p
  3. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    Please remember to disable links when posting. At the start of your post use [ plain] and at the end use [ /plain]. Please note that a space has been used after each [ for demonstration purposes only, there should be NO spaces. Thank you.

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