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    If you need to contact a police agency in your country, you might find a link here. Please note that we try and keep these links up to date, but if you find a dead link or one that has changed, please PM to admins so we can update them.

    The RCMP scam/Fraud page is here in English: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/index-eng.htm
    et Français: http://www.rcmp.ca/scams/index_f.htm

    The Spanish language webpage of the Policia Nacional Colombia is here: http://www.policia.gov.co/

    The Ministry of national Security webpage is here in English: http://www.jis.gov.jm/security/index.asp including the Jamaican Defense Forces and the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

    The Policia Nacional webpage (Spanish) is here: http://www.policia.gob.pa/

    The Spanish language webpage of the Policia Nacional del Peru is here: http://www.pnp.gob.pe/.

    The website of the Ministerio del Interior is here (Spanish): http://www.minterior.gub.uy/

    The Ministerio del Interior y Justicia website is here, in Spanish: http://www.mpprij.gob.ve/
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