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    Received from:, USA, DoD Network Information Center
    Subjec: hello
    Date: 2016-11-25
    Reply to:

    MY NAME IS PRINCE MAXWELL FROM.KENSAM INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED WE have gold consignment here in Ghana and looking for any interested buyer,Buyer is invited to come down to Ghana for inspection of the Product and make necessary arrangement with seller for the shipment of the product to Buyers destination , have the following offer with full responsibility and capable to deliver.

    Commodity: -------------------raw non-refined gold Bar
    Quantity: ----------------------100kgs per month
    Quality: ------------------------24carat plus
    Purity: ----------------------- 95% or better
    Origin: ----------------------- Ghana FOB
    Refinery: ----------------- AA MINERAL.

    Buyer can buy as any Quantity he or she want,buyer can start with 10kgs, 15kgs, 20kgs, 25kgs, 30kgs, 40kgs or 50kgs and we help him to deliver it direct to his destination country successfully with all the Necessary Export documents

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