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  1. De Master Yoda

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    Love Spells
    Attraction spells
    Beaty Spells Good spelling moron.
    Marriage Spells
    Stop Divorce Spell
    Lost Love Spells
    Marriage Spell
    Bewitching Spell
    Save My Marriage Spell
    Reverse A Curse Spell
    Aura Cleansing Spell
    Casino Spell
    Succsess Spell Good spelling moron.
    Protection Spell
    Remove Marriage Problems

    It seems that he desperately needs a spelling spell!

    This so called spell caster has ADMITTED to being a scammer. He has no powers and is a total fake, he is just a scamming thief.
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  2. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Low life scammer is redundant.
  3. basenji

    basenji Administrator Staff Member

    And a proofreading spell. The difference between Marriage spells and Marriage spell seems a bit unclear.

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