Protecting your personal data transferred through unsecure WiFi

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  1. I would like to list tools that protect data transferred from PC to websites that use unsecure(non-https) connection through unsecure WiFi networks.
    When you connect to some WiFi network that does not use connection encryption(WEP,WPA,WPA2) you should be aware
    Unsecure WiFi networks are not right places to transfer your personal data to websites that are not using HTTPS connection
    If a website is not HTTPS,but just HTTP,it means all data,transferred to that website from your PC,is not secured

    In this case,when you use some unknown open WiFi network,you are putting your personal data at high risk of being stolen by third party
    In simple wording: unsecure WiFi connection + unsecure website HTTP connection = high risk for your passwords,credit card details and so on

    Imagine,you are not at your home but elsewhere,it is urgent to you to login to non-https website for some reason
    The only what you can do is to connect to some available open WiFi network..... you start to understand that is the biggest problem
    To minimize risks for your personal data when you use these kinds of networks,I will list some useful things for you here

    Use Yandex browser and its protect technology
    Much simple is to install this browser on your computer,notebook,netbook etc
    For some reason,by default, Yandex browser has this function disabled,but it is not a big deal to enable

    Once you installed Yandex browser,run it and go to its settings just like it shown below on pictures

    1 Just enter into address bar this address - browser://settings - then press enter to open settings page
    2 Scroll the settings page down
    3 Click "show advanced settings" button at the very bottom of settings page

    4 Scroll the page a bit down again to find "network settings" sub-preference....
    5 .... and tick the "secure the network connection when connecting to public WiFi networks" box there to enable WiFi protection

    After you will see the indicator in the address bar when you connected to non-https site through unsecure WiFi network.

    Yandex browser will secure your personal data automatically.

    Yandex browser official download page
    Yandex browser is not the only tool that can protect you that way,so this list is awaiting additions.

    Thank you for reading
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  2. What if you use a Mac? Isn't that pretty safe? I am not just talking about browsing. In general. From keyloggers,ect.
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    A Mac is a lot safer than windows OS. Mainly due to the fact that when a hacker decides to make some code he will do it for windows as there are a lot more users of this OS.

    However The hackers are also attacking mac systems so we need to use an AV for macs as well.
  4. I don't use AV for my macbook pro yet. Apple will tell you not to. It will slow it down

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