Pseudo Panamanian Scammer?

Discussion in 'Romance scams' started by grahamcracker, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. grahamcracker

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    The following information was posted on a dating web site. I don't have any emails to share yet. Therefore, IP addresses and header tracers are not yet available. I expect them to contact me tomorrow since at this moment it is after sundown in Africa where I suspect they actually live. Their activity tends to diminish at bedtime in Africa.

    Scammer Introduction: I consider myself an honest, sincere, hardworking person, who trusts in God and put their destiny in their caring hands. I am a devoted mother, determined to give me take a chance

    Age: 50 years old
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
    Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)
    Education: Bachelor's degree
    Occupation: Real Estate owner

    Comment by GrahamCracker on the website Photos: There are a number of photos on the daing web site that appear to be taken by a professional photographer. However, professional real estate agents often use professional photographers here in the United States.

    Virtual Card #1: HELLO FROM PANAMA CANAL

    Virtual Card #2: HI THIS IS MY LAST DAY IN CM [Christian Mingle] MY EMAIL IS m[b]full address edited[/b] DO YOU HAVE A WATSAAP? WE CAN CHAT IN THAT AND IT IS FREE ALSO

    GrahamCracker: The clue for me that it is a scammer is that the person says that they don't have much more time on the dating web site. Typically, that is because the longer it is up, the more likely it is that the administrators will detect that it is a scam.

    Another clue is that scammers overuse words like "honest, sincere, faithful" etc. One scammer actually posted a comment that scammers should not contact her/him.

    Does anyone know whether or not Central Americans like Panamanians use the terms Hispanic or Latino to refer to themselves? It is very common native Spanish speakers residing in the United States.
  2. grahamcracker

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    Pseudo Panamanian

    Most of the romance scammers I have noticed tend to make their ages at around age 30. This one, however, says that she is age 50. I have been in contact with a few of them and told them how implausible that 30-something beautiful attractive women would have serious romantic interest in a 50-something year old man. Lo and behold, I get one who is aged 50!!! This suggests that they are either working together to improve their scams. And they have moved the residence outside the United States, hence to Panama. I commented that I have been to Panama. That is no lie, I have. My comment was ignored because they really know less about Panama than they do about the United States. Maybe they should stick to the USA. At least movies and theater could help inform them in order to aid them in impersonating Americans.
  3. Sapphire's Strike

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    Panamanian women usually refer to themselves as Latino's only.
  4. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Another clue is that scammers overuse word the word God.
    ask her/him if baiters are welcome .
  5. grahamcracker

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    That is true.

    I checked with a Mexican gentleman who is a new friend of mine. He replied that the words latino or hispanic are indeed used in the Spanish speaking countries outside the United States. In this case, she would probably refer to herself as a Latina. But it raises another point. Would a native Spanish speaker refer to their nationality/ethnicity as latino or latina? An African scammer would barely detect the difference but I suspect the correct answer is latina.

    The night is now getting on in Africa. African scammers almost never post past 9 PM, Greenwhich Mean Time unless they are highly motivated. The next contact I expect to receive will be 2 PM GMT (8 AM Central Time U.S.). I try to observe carefully when the time/date stamp is recorded on the internet. I once received an email allegedly sent from the USA but no USA time zone had yet made it to 7 PM at the time I received the email. Central and South America have time zones identical or similar to that of the USA. Why is there no reply to communications I made this morning if they are really in Panama?
  6. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    Just checked with a Panamanian for you. Most women would say "I am Panamanian", they would not use the term I am Latino, Latina or Hispanic.

    You are unlikely to get an IP as this person uses a gmail address. "She" of course is most likely a "he".
  7. grahamcracker

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    If gmail restricts or hides information on the IP, you are right. She did not use the word Panamanian. She simply said Panama was her home. The questionaire on the web site asked for Ethnicity, followed by a colon. There was no direct statement to the effect of saying latina, or hispanic. In any event, I am highly suspicious when they indicate a limited time on the dating site. That is an indication that they are about to be kicked off or ejected. There is zero toleration if they are caught.
  8. De Master Yoda

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    There could be many reasons. sometimes the scammers do not contact for a while. they may not have enough money to pay for internet café time is one reason.

    Many scammers are scamming more than one person at a time and so they do tend to get mixed up. Also some operate in gangs and so sometimes have to wait for the other gang members to come in, so they can discuss how they will reply.
  9. grahamcracker

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    My question was more rhetorical. My point is that that when I email in the morning, they do not have a full day remaining in Africa. Of course, that is not a complete answer since their day might not end until around sometime when it is late afternoon in the USA, still before midnight in Africa.

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