Raymond Smith, Hinsdale Art Design Collection


Raymond Smith

What should I do if I gave him my address?! I thought he was legit! I am pissed cause i thought he got my number from one of the legit job sites I was on. he texted me first then I emailed him. ray.smth900@gmail.com is the email, Raymond Smith from Hinsdale Art desgin Collection is the information most recently used.

-What should I do?

Me Mitchell

So this is fake? How do he get my number? I am going to block him off my phone thanks for the heads up


I am currently dealing with this; he disguised himself as Mark Dawson from an art company . He said he found me on Craigslist from when I was looking for an apartment, how does that even correlate to me needing a job? Anyways, the whole ordeal of me getting $400 off top and sending the rest elsewhere. The check is $1950 , This person is a scammer and is seeking for vulnerable women. I’m glad I didn’t cash this check. The only thing is this person has my address and phone number.