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  1. From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, Jeny SAS
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    Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018
    From: WESTER UNION <>
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    From The Desk of the Director
    Of Transfer Unit Department
    Western Union Branch Head Office Tema Cotonou Benin Republic


    I have sent you several notices concerning the claim of your benefit that was paid to you as compensation from Benin Republic following my petition against the Government since 2017 as the human right activist to compensate you with the sum of $850, 000.00 USD But I have not heard from you ever since and I hope you will reply this last notice. You were meant to be receiving $11,000USD daily until it completes the correct amount of $850, 000.00USD you are to receive.

    The payment has been made since 03/06/2018 as your daily payments also to let you know that the payment should be in two transaction with the maximum of $5,617 dollars each that is according to the law of Western union' here in Benin Republic which meant you cannot receive the $11,000 dollars in one transaction for your own notice so the two transactions will be $5,617 dollars each.

    Here is the first information to pick up:
    Sender's 1st Name:...ROBIN
    Sender's 2nd Name...IKEDI
    MTCN NUMBER :......1178405522

    Track the Mtcn number by visiting to verify the status.

    The status now shows Available for pick up by receiver because this amount has been on hold the system for security reasons, since I did not get any reply message from you after sending you several notices with the transaction details to enable you pick up your two first payments, you are strongly advised for the last time to go on to make the payment of $65USD for the activation charges via Western union or Money Gram money transfer immediately. And send the payment details via email as it clearly appear on the payment slip because it is impossible and illegal to deduct the activation charges from the total funds transferred because of the lawful restriction that has been placed on your funds that restricts anyone from tempering with your funds.

    This amount will be made available again within 20 minutes at your local nearest Western union office after you have settled the activation fee $65USD and I will avail you with the full details of the first 2 mtcn Control Numbers of $5,617USD.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your payment for the activation fee is not received after two (2) days this time around, you risk forfeiting your benefit permanently. Send the activation charges via Money Gram money transfer or Western Union money transfer immediately with the information below.

    Receiver's name: ROBIN IKEDI
    Country: Benin
    City: Cotonou
    Amount: $65 USD

    Also send to us the Senders Name and Phone Number with Your address after the $65 USD is send and your first two reference number will be available to pick up the $5,617USD and Feel free to call me on this number: +229 97546580.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Rev. Ben Moore
    Western Union Transfer Unit Director/Human Right Activist
    Western Union Branch Head Office Tema Benin email:

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