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    Received: from, [​IMG] Senegal, Sonatel
    Return-Path: <>
    Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013
    From: Rev collins Johnson <>
    Subject: GOD BLESS YOU MY SON!!!!

    From Reverend Collins Johnson.
    Christ The King Church.
    No 58 Yoffline Dakar Senegal.

    Tel: +221 774468040.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you, Sorry That i come back to your mail so late, yes i received A Bank Draft On your Behalf from Ms. Stella Desmond l She wrote A Bank Draft that i should send it to your Destination but Due to i don't have your Residence or Office address i was unable to Ship the Draft since all this while, So at this Juncture i will like you to kindly forward me your Residence address so that i can ship the bank draft through A Shipping courier service company D.h.L. or U.p.s.

    Also I will advise you to send to me your complete details to be sure that i am dealing with the right person to enable me send the bank draft to you via DHL or what ever, Because i received a mail from your partner.i don't know if its you or not,

    1, Full Names________________________
    2, Telephone_________________________
    3, Country___________________________
    4, Contact Address___________________
    5, Age_______________________________
    6, Occupation________________________
    7, Sex_______________________________
    8, Fax Number________________________

    Am waiting for your urgent response so that we will starts immediately you.

    Best Regards,
    Thanks and have a nice day.
    Rev Collins Johnson..
  2. انا محمد الصيرفي من مصر
    انا اوافق علي أن تساعد ملكة الجمال
    فأرجو الاتصال بي فورا وهذا رقمي
  3. Sapphire's Strike

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    بل هو عملية احتيال. الرجاء عدم نشر تفاصيل الاتصال هنا، والتي تمت إزالتها. شكرا.

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