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    From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, Benin Telecoms
    Return-Path: <>
    From: "Rev John R." <>
    Date: Tue, 24 May 2016


    This is my second time I am sending you this notification, simple contact Diplomat Mr. John Green on his email address mrrobinsone4@163.comáwith your contact information, he is currently at (Newrak Liberty International Airport New Jersey)

    1. Name,
    2. Address,
    4. Age,
    5. Sex.

    and your nearest airport to land, so that he can deliver the Package worth $2.5 Million as he just landed in your country now but misplaced your information, he will give you more details when you re-confirm details. Your personal code to the box is XLA21492014SD, and the color is silver. NB indicate this code to the diplomat John Green, so that he can know that you are the rightful owner of the box.

    Best regard
    Director of DHL Co.
    Rev. J Ronald, +229 6768 8834

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