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Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2018
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Dear beloved,
How are you today,I am Rev.reginal wand smith a cancer patient for 15years but my Dr. Jack white who is my Doctor told me that I will not live more than five days because my condition is bad and I told God that I use my US$ 60 Million in Sun Trust Bank for Charity. So kindly get back to me if you are willing to use this $50 Million for Charity and take $10 Million for your self but you have to be honest because God own our life's. Please,get back to me with this email address below

Rev. reginal wand smith

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Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2018
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Dear beloved,

This is Dr. Jack White,I write to let you know that Rev. Regina Wand Smith has entered coma this morning and attached is copy of her picture for your view,but she gave me all information in this $60 Million and she told me to assist you and make sure that you receive this $ 60 Million.

Meanwhile,I want you to send me your cell phone # and home and your full name and your occupation and attach your valid to enable the attorney prepare document in your name immediately as her next of kin to this $60 Million,and you can call me or text with my phone # +1-484-436-2966 but I prefer text because my work and I may be with Patient.

From Dr. Jack White.


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Please,get back to me with this email address below