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Good morning

I am Ricardo A Christian and I work as a HR Manager at anenterprise named FIX, LLC. We now have vacancy for can work from home. Sowe are seeking.
After reviewing your curriculum vitae we found it quiteimpressive and would offer you to be a part of friendly group. So, I amgoing to explain you all about Virtual Assistant.

We want you tomaintain the best quality of the work you will be doing as a Personal VIPAssistant.Below mentioned are your job duties while you will be workingwith us:
- preparing, assembling and analysing
- Data entry andproject research as needed using the Internet ex: ・? Find top 3 moneymanagers that have written books with contact phone numbers and addresses
- Shopping and acquisitions includes providing thoughtful ideas,locating and purchasing, wrapping and delivering as including ideas,purchasing and delivering as needed
- Arrangements for VIP orout-of-town guests includes ideas scheduling and communication andfollow-up as needed

You will be working for 5 days a week on standardtasks, mostly from home, you get $2,750.00 as your monthly salary, $33,000Annual Salary, bonuses from customers and paid One month probationperiod.

In order for you to get this offer you need to workapproximately 2-3 hours a day.Mostly flexible schedule but you shouldalways be able to receive phonecalls from clients between 9AM to 5PM yourtime and Read email daily for new assignments.

For you to fill thisvacancy you need to be at least 18 y.o.. We prefer you to be experienced inoffice equipment handling. We can provide unprecedented career forpromising emplyess, as a matter of fact a lot of our Supervisors have begunfrom the position that you are offered. You are required to reply to thise-mail, expressing your interest in the position that is being offered, andwe will get speak with you shortly for a brief conversation.

We expectyou to be ready to work ASAP. Other than that please simply Skip thisnotification if you are not looking for a job anymore.
Thank you andhave a great day !