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    From:, [​IMG] Bangladesh, Dhaka, Hifiserver Technologies Datacenter
    Return-Path: <info@wealthuniverse.win>
    Subject: 2,000,000 Slip on Purchased Items
    Message-ID: <4b012dcfb24532611ad72dc0ba05f820@app.wealthuniverse.win>
    Return-Path: info@wealthuniverse.win
    Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2018
    From: "CEO | Chief Executive Officer | Growth Champion" <ricardo.ibarra@pt6a.aero>
    Reply-To: info@wealthuniverse.win

    Hello Esteem Holder,

    According to the request and agreement from the team. We have finally purchased the Investment and I shared file and invoice info with you. Please Kindly review attached.

    Best Regards
    Ricardo Ibarra

    CEO | Chief Executive Officer | Growth

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    LHQLFO .pdf

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