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    Faked Facebook profile

    186383_100003298408729_1849776239_n.jpg 20994_108272232706176_794943682_n.jpg
    Richard Foster

    Work: Civil Engineering
    Studies: Lincoln College UK
    Location: London
    Of London
    Friends -26-
    Member Facebook since 04/18/2013

    This scammer uses stolen pics of

    Uwe Hubertus (Scam video)
    [ame=""]SCAM VIDEO Uwe Hubertus - YouTube[/ame]
    and many more!

    Another faked Facebook profile
    John Brayshaw
    71 friends!?!

    He uses many email addresses, some:


    This scammer is best known on all dating sites and social networks like

    Connecting Singles
    Plenty of Fish

    He prefers locations like Houston, Texas or Tallahassee, Florida, Los Angeles, California or Manchaster, UK. His allegedly professions are mostly academic ones.

    Locations of this scammer: IP address – Scancom Ltd. - Ghana and also
    IP address – Multi-links Telecommunications Ltd. - Ilesa/Nigeria.

    The email address <> leads to

    Niyi Henry

    Work – Education -
    Studies - Osun State Polytechnic irre & icpmc Ghana
    Location – Houston
    Of – Ibadan
    -19- Friends
    Likes – Imikimi -
    Member Facebook since 01/19/2012

    niyi.jpg niyi1.jpg niyi2.jpg

    Photos already known!
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    New Skype ID: alvin.newton2
    Michael Newton from Texas, United States

    Henry Lawson, <>

    Oasis dating
    Male 50 - United States
    I think I can sum it up in one sentence, If you believe in treating other people the way you like to be treated and are close to your family, we already have enough in common to set sail on the ship. Whether that ship ends up being friendship or relationship, only time will tell and as we get to know each other.
    I live life to the fullest, love to laugh and make people laugh. Life is too short to be unhappy, miserable and sad. I have been gifted with the ability to make people smile in down moments and have been told by coworkers that I make them look forward to coming in to work. I have the knack of getting along with anybody, as I am very tolerant of other people’s opinions and point of views. Being exploration also helps me a lot I am very adventurous and spontaneous and would try anything at least once
    What I'm Looking For
    someone who can be honest, no matter what, is hard working but takes time to play too. a family oriented yet romantic woman, not afraid to show his emotions, understand that we both got on this site to find someone who, we can love, respect and ultimately make them part of our lives .life is too short to waste on selfish, self-centered people.

    My yahoo id is <>

    E MAIL <>

    Age & Gender: 55 Year Old Man
    Location: United Kingdom :mrgreen:

    About Me
    I love watching movies

    Hi dear,how are you doing today,hope everything is fine with you over there,well i have been roaming around your profile,not you are beautiful but you seems to be a nice and understanding lady,i would really love the chance to know you more better and be a nice friend to would be my pleasure reading back from you because i would appreciate it a lot.have a nice day,and i would be waiting to read back from you.i live in germany :-o ....what do you do for a living?
    <>.....i will be waiting to see your request mrs very pretty


    hilary harmony
    honest and caring person looking for a good relationship that can lead to marriage
    Hobby: reading newspaper
    Interests: Billiards / Pool / Darts

    Birthday Jun/01/1961
    Sign of the Zodiac Gemini
    Gender Male
    Orientation Transsexual
    Body type Muscular
    Type of Relationship for long relationship
    Country United States
    Email You must be at least a Silver member to view this data
    States/Province New York
    ZIP 90001
    City new york
    Address 345houston texas
    Marital status Widowed
    Children 1
    Height 6'2" (188cm)
    Weight 80 lbs (36kg)
    Hair color Gray
    Eyes color Black
    Ethnicity Mixed
    Religion Belief in God
    Smoke Non-Smoker
    Drink Never drink
    Education University student
    Known languages English
    Job medical doctor

    Pic already posted

    lni1fwem_4exi_0_mpjrebg.jpg 31411_n.jpg

    Skype-Name: micheal.christopher4
    Name: micheal christopher
    Ort: califrnia, Vereinigte Staaten

    The same as in post # 1 (blue pullover) - very well known!
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    Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder - Romance Scammers
    Video You Tube

    Fake accounts with stolen images from Uwe Hubertus Knoedlseder

    Faux profil Facebook Caparros Yves Lucien Joseph
    De: Paris, France
    Photos: -4- (déjà connus)
    Amies: -34-
    Aucune autres informations!
    Membre Fb depuis 20.12.2015
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    Phillip Manzi
    Doctor (medicine) at U.S. government
    Studied at Occidental College

    revely donald
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Looking for: Marriage
    Country: United Kingdom
    State, City: fulham
    Marital status: Widow or Widower
    Children: I want children
    Religion: Christian
    Education: Other
    Occupation: engineering

    Personal Description:
    sinple as i may look
    bought GOD fearing
    Leaseweb USA, Inc.
    OrgId: LU
    Address: 9480 Innovation Dr
    City: Manassas
    StateProv: VA
    PostalCode: 20109
    Country: US

    Email give a Hit in FB for Donald Scott Revely from New Castle, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, divorced
    Drill Site Manager bei Chevron

    https:/ /


    Uwe in photoshopped military pic!
    glenn_fredrickwinslow: Look for Eternity relationship
    My Name Is Glenn, Widow am here looking for a serious woman of my dream that can take me for who i am............My username at yahoo dot com that is where you can reach me Thanks
    Glenn Frederick Winslow
    Lives in Wykoff, Minnesota
    From Wykoff, Minnesota
    Glenn Frederick Winslow
    Lives in Wykoff, Minnesota
    From Wykoff, Minnesota

    Major General James

    you've got an amazing profile!couldn't resist saying hi
    you've got an amazing profile!couldn't resist saying hi.How's it going at your end?hope you having a great day at work?
    I'm brandy holmes,have got 3kids but they are all grown up.I live alone... I'm open-minded and fun and looking for the same. I'd love to chat and see where we can take this! - I want to build a safe, warm relationship with you, filled with honesty, but with plenty of space to fail. With intimacy and closeness, but with the solemn promise to be the guardians of one another's solitude. I want to build a loving community around ourselves, and to create a space for constant self-improvement and learning. <>. love to read from you

    brandyholmes "Hi..."
    52 year old man from Los Angeles, California Looking for woman for marriage Online now!
    Lane Charley Alden
    Kabul, Afghanistan
    San Jose, California

    Uwe clones...
    Lane Charley Alden
    Lives in Cardiff, United Kingdom
    Lane Charley Alden
    Lane Charley Alden
    Lives in Milan, Italy
    From Milan, Italy

    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Looking for: Marriage
    Country: United States
    State, City: california
    Marital status: Divorced
    Children: I have 1-2 children living elsewhere
    Religion: Christian
    Education: PhD
    Occupation: Military

    Personal Description: just me
    Total Server Solutions L.L.C.
    OrgId: TSSL-2
    Address: 34 Peachtree ST
    Address: Suite 400
    City: Atlanta
    StateProv: GA
    PostalCode: 0303
    Country: US

    Photo already posted on board!
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    1. General Scott Gurgan
    Male , 58 , Single
    Name Surname: Lieutenant General Scott M. Gu
    Lives in Ghana, GREATER ACCRA

    Lieutenant General Scott M. Gurgan

    2. Email: <>
    Skype --> richard.stewart101
    new york, United States
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    Video You Tube
    Your head look weird! Scammers photoshopping fake profiles!

    Well known pictures:cautious:!
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    Richar Cohem
    Richard Cohem
    Studied at King's College London
    Went to London High School
    Lives in Manchester, United Kingdom
    From Manchester, United Kingdom


    plus this....
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    50 y/o man
    Charleston, USA
    'Hello, How are you doing? Can we get to know ourselves much more better, that's if you will be willing to be my good friend and if you would be willing to chat with me more can contact me through my email address nice to meet you'

    Male , 23 , Single
    Name Surname: Phillip Watts
    Lives in Ghana, GREATER ACCRA :dumbass:
    Add me on Skype Jack.connor39
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    James, 46
    Location Ughelli - Delta - Nigeria
    Personal info
    I am new here to find new date. someone that really attract me, love me for whom I am and love my son terry too. most of all must be God fearing.

    Uwe Hubertus
    United Kingdom
  9. Lioness1

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    1. Skype
    George Maxwell
    Atlanta Georgia

    2. Skype
    Johnson Roland

    3. Skype

    50 y/o male
    Arlington, USA

    "Hello beauty how are you? I am Sergeant Philip Frank i`m from United State of America. i`m an american soldier in iraq i was sent to iraq for peacekeeping mission over 11 months, and you?"

    4. Skype
    Micheal Dave
    live: michealdave

    81 y/o female:LOL:
    Miami Beach, USA
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    Sam David (

    Darling you have to proceed to the bank and Open an account with, any account type that can accept both Dollar and Euro currency if possible.

    This is the information i need after you open the account.

    Account Name: Your name.
    Account Number: ?
    Swift code: ?
    IBAN code: ?
    Bank Name: DSK Bank
    Bank Address: ?

    Honey let me know the out come. take care kisses and hugs

    Return-Path: <>
    Received-SPF: pass (spfCheck: domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;;;
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    Hello, how are you today. i must say you are beautiful but then i looked through your profile and found out you are more intriguing.
    Okay, dear, angels like you deserve to rest, you can reach ma at i can`t wait to hear from you, take care of your beautiful self for me.
    You`re welcome, please i`d really like to know more about you, what do you do for leisure? Do you really like been here?
    Really well yes, that is to be expected, so when you`re not online what would you be caught doing?

    m2, Cow_1
    49 year old male from Manhattan, New York

    Avatar known on board

    Maj Gen Hedelund

    Cow Lewandowski <>

    Hello, i`m sorry for reaching out late it`s because i`ve tried several times to reach you on google hangout but to no avail, i`d be glad if you could get a mail, i just discovered yours is a fast mail.
    I`m Cow as you may know already, i`m also divorced , have two children. I`m a soldier and as we speak i`m working on me retirement. I wanna settle down and get a wife with whom i`ll go on vacation spend quality time, i`ve been in the army for sometime. I cater for my children alone and i`m willing to accept yours as my children.
    As for your shops, i`m really proud of you and it makes me have the courage that without a man you can take good care of the house. I hope we can talk more. Take good care of yourself, hope to hear from you asap.


    Collins Smith
    live: collinssmith2010
    New York
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    1. Cow Lewandowski
    Cow Lewandowski

    2. Roman

    45 y/o male
    houston, USA
    English, English, English
    Have no children
    Last logged in: 2016-10-26 02:18:49
    ID 251389

    I am an honest heart that`s looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship.

    Ideal match description:
    I am looking for a special, loving relationship with a unique woman who is affectionate, sincere, easy-going, with interests and characteristics similar to mine

    "hi dear, how are you doing today? I hope you are in good health? I know you will be surprise the way I contacted you since we do not know each other before, but with faith i contacted you because i found your profile and decided to send you a friendship request as i do not have time for social chatting because of my job."

    Hello is my pleasure to meet you here on this network, I find you when I was looking for a childhood friend when I come over your profile an I said to myself to you my very good friend, if you do bother you, I`m a very happy man, happy and proud of who I Am interested in your profile and i decided to contact you. I want a serious woman with a good heart who is looking for love and able to take care about it, who has an idea of &#8203;&#82 03;what it means love, respect , care and do trust each other, I really need someone in my life who love me and be my best friend, distance does not matter if you really want to build a relationship, what matters most is respect, compassion, honesty and trust for this relationship to work on. Do you have Skype id?

    you can also write me here in my email address....romansan

    "thanks for your response, i`m so glad to here from you , i will like us to know more , if you don`t mind.....this is my Skype ID .....roman.sanche z42

    51 y/o man
    Houston, Texas

    "I knwo you will be surprise the way I contacted you since we do not know each other before, but with faith i contacted you because i found your profile and decided to send you a friendship request as i do not have time for social chatting because of my job, you write me here on my email address;"

    4. Facebook
    Carey Stephen Bernard
    Photos: -2- (well known)
    No further informations
    Member Fb since 02/02/2016

    Smith Williams
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    Gender: Male
    Age: 56
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Looking for: Marriage
    Country: United States
    State, City: New York
    Marital status: Divorced
    Children: I have 1-2 children living elsewhere
    Last visit: Within last 2 days
    Profile Information: More Profile Information: Lifestyle

    Height: 6'0 - 6'3 (181-190cm)
    Body built: Average
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

    Religion: Christian
    Education: Masters Degree
    Occupation: Administration
    Personal Description:

    I am very honest and good man. I am also very kind, caring and generous. I have good manners and respect


    ISP: Digital Ocean

    bad IP, been used in scams before
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    Male, 50, 22 mins
    Name Surname: lanford
    Lives in United States, NEW YORK
    John Lucas Landford
    Lives in Palm Springs, California
    John Lanford

    John Lucas Lanford


    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Looking for: Serious Relationship
    Country: United States
    State, City: atros
    Martial status: Widow or Widower
    Children: I have 1-2 children living elsewhere
    Last visit: Within last 2 days
    Profile information: More Profile Information: Lifestyle

    Height: 5`8 - 5`11(171-180cm)
    Body built: Average
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

    Religion: Christian
    Education: Masters Degree
    Occupation: military
    Personal Description:

    I am from North Carolina USA as my nationality of origin. I am a responsibla Man. i enjoy my job and I strive for success in everything I do. I am a fun loving man, jovial, lovely and passionate. I think of myself as being dever but harmless. I am supporting, caring and have a loyal and tolerant character, humble, honest, understanding and truthful. I`m very passionate, physical person that would want the same in a mate, deeply romantic, optimistic, hopeful, wise, & smart, I have a big honest heart and don`t like being lied to.


    Continent: Africa
    Country: GHANA
    City: Accra
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    Prudence Gavin


    52 y/o man
    Campbell, USA

    Его приятно познакомиться с вами здесь красоты Я Джека по имени я видел ваш профиль, и мне понравилось, поэтому я связался с вами, и если вы не возражаете, давайте ближе пришлите мне ваш адрес электронной почты, я буду рад написать вам больше, обо мне или вы можете написать мне через мой адрес электронной почты reluromma @ Yahoo Я буду рад услышать и общаться с вами, чтобы увидеть путь вперед Возлюбленные, я хочу любить и быть любимым ждать, чтобы услышать от вас скоро, если я удалить мой профиль здесь и сосредоточиться друг на друга через почту спасибо.

    Its nice to meet you here of beauty I'm Jack's name i saw your profile and I liked it, so I got in touch with you, and if you do not mind, let's take closer send me your email address, I'll be happy to write you more about me or you can write me through my email address reluromma @ Yahoo I'll be glad to hear, and communicate with you, to see the way forward beloved, I want to love and be loved, to wait to hear from you soon, if I delete my profile here and focus at each other through the mail thank you.

    Male , 50 , 22 mins
    Name Surname: lanford
    Lives in United States, NEW YORK
    John Lucas Lanford
    Lives in Palm Springs, California
    John Lanford

    William Scott

    mark milley
    guilmi 1987

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    mark milley

    Perez Williams <perezwilliams1111 at>

    Hello How are you today, my name is Perez Williams i`m 55 years old, born March 15th. I am from North Carolina USA as my nationality of origin...., i am a widower and i have a Son he`s the love of my life....i signed on the site to look for a loving caring and honest passionate woman who will love me and accept my son as her own child too...well my dear, i will love you tell me more about yourself too okay....this my photos i will like to see more of your photos too my dear, thanks......

    Photos already posted on board!

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