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    Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017
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    Subject: ATTENTION

    hello good day

    I am Richard Lugan from wood forest national bank the government has decided to recall all the scammed people in there various location about there stopped fund which is been held since 2014 till date, Barack Obama stopped all fund coming in and out of USA storing the money for his personal uses but the new president of USA (his Excellency president Donald Trump has released every fund and money been stopped by Barack Obama to innocent people and Benin republic has been using this opportunity to scam people all over the world but finally your fund are released now, warning if you have not been scammed from 2014/2017 do not reply to this message to avoid been jailed only those that are scammed should reply to this message i repeat do not reply if you have not been scammed from 2014 till date you can contact our office line at EMAIL ADDRESS..... ( CELL PHONE NUMBER.....(661) 261-8369)

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