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    Return-Path: ritakane46@outlook.com
    Received: from EUR02-HE1-obe.outbound.protection.outlook.com (mpq403.aol.prodcr.mail.bf1.yahoo.com [])
    From: Rita Kane ritakane46@outlook.com
    Subject: my dearest, you will take 15% of the money for helping me
    Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2018

    Hi my dearest one,

    My dear, how are you and your health which is very important to me ? I hope fine, inch Allah.

    With tears rolling down my eyes and with total submission to the will of God Allah, I choose this means to communicate you because I am sure I will get in contact with the right person that will be honest to me,You should not feel pity for me after reading this message, but you should help me.

    My name is Rita Kane, ritakane46@outlook.com, I am 24 years old girl, and I am from Damascus (Syria), I am studying nursing science in the university of Damascus, before the war started in Syria,The war in my country Syria has taken many lives, and rendered many people homeless, I am just a refugee now. My late father sent me and my mother to Senegal with the help of United Nations and my mother died after three mounts we came to Senegal after seriously sickness, I was communicating with my father until last few mounts ago a Syrian Military called me with my father's phone and said that my father was killed by rebels. My late father Col. Dr. Ibine Kane was a special liaison between Syria and the United Nations on refugee matters. He was a good man who did not choose any side in the Syria civil war, he was killed because the rebels believe he was working for the government of Bashar Al-Assad but my father worked for all Syrian people regardless of their religious affiliation he is a man who believe Sunni and Shia can live peacefully like brothers and sisters, I first lost my two brothers in my country, my mother and now my father. Since all my family members has died in war, I see no reason to live and enjoy my life again. I truly need your help because my late father deposited some amount of money $5.7 millions

    in a bank in London which all the documents is here with me and i am the next of kin,my late father gave us all his important documents when sending me and my mother to Senegal, I have been looking for a way to receive the fund from the bank in London, but the bank did not allow me because of my current situation as a refugee here in Senegal, the bank manager said that it is against the law for a refugee to come for such amount of money and he advise me that i should have a foreign partner\trustee who will contact them on myself before they will release the money. You will take 15% of the money for helping me and advise me on how to invest the money in your country and i will start my education again. Please send me your informations like

    Address ......,

    so that i will forward it to the bank and give you the bank contact for you to communicate with the bank, I say subhana Allah (glory be to Allah) for making me to know someone like you, I had phone before but i sold it due to lack of money, no good food, no good water, all my clothes has turned to rag here, call me with phone number of Rev. Father Refugee camp Mark Jonathan through this number +221-705-700-881
    I will be very happy if you respond to me fast, from the one that love and cherish your love,

    With big hugs and many kisses always

    Yours forever,

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