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    You have been awarded a sum of US$2,950,000,00 by the Western Union 2017 Board Award Group, This award was selected through automated Internet system drawn randomly across the globe, This was an Email draw promotion which was held in USA/West Africa/Asia/South Africa/and Europe/ The WESTERN UNION BOARD AWARD Group is sponsored by Chevron oil and Gas Company and others from unconventional oil resources and other international companies Winning expiring date 24th of December , 2017. Your /Approval No; UN5685P/ ODDS Of Winning/258,890,850/ Reference No.-35460021/Certificate of Merit Payment No: 103, Released Code No: 0763/ Ticket No: 190/Batch No: ES / 400/12 Identification No: CIM-2079/ Contact our fiduciary Agent below with your winning number: OL/456/050/006.

    Please Contact Director Robert Emerson with the following details for your claims.
    Your full name_________________
    Your address___________________
    Your country___________________
    Your age_______________________
    Your Sex_______________________
    Your occupation________________
    Your Phone number_____________
    Make sure you do not make any mistake with your information to avoid any wrong Claim. Call the Direct Manager with below Number Mobile:+1(229-231-6899), for more details. Or Email Him as Instructed and use this code below as your subject...(WU/AWD221) For Verification. contact The award Online Lotto Agency for Your Claim.

    Online Lotto Agency.
    Mr Robert Emerson,
    Director of winning claim department.
    Hotline ..+ 1 (229-231-6899)
    Direct Line: +1(424-292-4179)
    E-MAIL: <>
    Office: (

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