Ros Marc Rodriquez aka Mark George Acklom aka Mark Desmond

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    This story would not have happened without the great help of those who monitor Mark Acklom where they can. Please keep the information coming and I will keep the spotlight on the police efforts to arrest him.
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    Thank you to all involved in exposing this guy and his associates.

    If anyone has any confidential information you can register here and use our private message system called "conversations" Your information can be sent to one of our staff members, via the private message and only you and the person you are sending to would know what you say.
    On our website the 'conversations' are confidential between the two parties involved. Thank you.
  3. I guess besides naming himself George Richard Soros, he even registrated a company as Soros in the UK,
    which of course is dissolved now it was called The Soros Carroll Partnership Limited, Company number 07222986

    Now you have my attention Unique send me a private message, thank you
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    @Charlie's Angel - Unique Guest has to join here, only members can send messages. :)
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    I hope someone can find him.
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    Due to the fact that this conman will be checking his name on the internet and so will see information about him I will be careful about giving him ideas.

    One of the ways we may catch him is the fact that he has to be living somewhere whether it is in lodgings or elsewhere he needs money to live and probably in large amounts to maintain his lifestyle.

    As an honest days work is alien to him it is almost inevitable that he will be continuing his old tricks. If any lady feels she knows him please check with us here before you lose your money. Or indeed if anyone has ANY contact with him please inform the police or us.
    Lets make it harder for him to hide.
    Please pass along any information however small as combined with what we already have on him it could greatly help in finding him. Thank you.
    Here are some of the various names he has used, I will add more as I find them.

    Mark Acklom, who has also introduced himself on occasions as:
    Marck Richard Acklom,
    Mark George Acklom,
    Mark Richard George Acklom,
    Marc Ros Rodriguez,
    Mark Conway,
    Mark Desmond,
    Mark R. G. Acklom,
    Marc Jacks,
    Mark Saunders,
    Marc Ros,
    Mark Ross,
    Marc Ross,
    George Kennedy,
    Zac Moss,
    Mark Richard Soros,

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    With video.

    Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent,Sky News

    Police are targeting two young sisters in the hunt for their fugitive father Mark Acklom who is on the run with them in Europe.

    Detectives are concerned for the girls' emotional welfare and are urging the public to try to identify them.

    Officers believe the key to tracing conman Acklom , 44, is to find the school where his children are registered.

    Acklom's two daughters, aged eight and six, are likely to be registered at an international school, probably in Spain, where they have grown up with their Spanish mother.

    Police also believe the girls' mother, Acklom's wife Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, 47, is helping her husband avoid capture.

    He is wanted for allegedly fleecing a British woman of her life savings after promising to marry her.

    Detective Inspector Adam Bunting, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: "We believe Acklom and his wife are in the company of their two daughters, girls aged eight and six. We believe they will be enrolled at an international, fee-paying school on the continent."

    The girls were suddenly removed from their private school El Limonar in the village of El Palmar near Murcia a year ago, when Sky News revealed that their father was about to be added to the Most Wanted list.....
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    Hunt for fugitive conman suspect Mark Acklom focuses on family
    • [​IMG]
    Image copyright Avon and Somerset Police
    Image caption Mark Acklom is likely to be with his wife Maria Rodriguez, police say
    Detectives hunting a man accused of conning a wealthy divorcee out of her life savings have released details of his family in an attempt to find him.

    Mark Acklom, 44, was named among the 10 most wanted British fugitives living in Spain, last October.

    A woman with whom he had a relationship said he posed as an MI6 agent before disappearing with £850,000 she had lent him.

    Avon and Somerset Police have released a photograph of Mr Acklom's wife.

    Police believe Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, 47, is likely to be with him and could be assisting him, although she is not the subject of a European Arrest Warrant.

    Image copyright Avon and Somerset Police
    Image caption Mark Acklom was apparently photographed in Geneva in May
    Det Insp Adam Bunting said: "We believe he'll be with his wife Maria Rodriguez and their two young daughters, who we know up until last year's appeal, were enrolled in El Limonar International School in the Murcia area of Spain.

    "In the days following the appeal he removed his children from the school and, together with his wife, he disappeared.

    He said there were "significant concerns" about the children's wellbeing due to them being "uprooted, with no notice, from their school, friends and family".

    Media captionCarolyn Woods talks about how Mark Acklom convinced her he was an MI6 agent
    "It's highly likely Acklom will have placed his children in another fee-paying school," he added.

    A spokesman said police particularly want to hear from British expats with children in a private international school abroad, who may have noticed the recent arrival of a family from Spain, with daughters aged six and eight.

    They said Ms Rodriguez may be using the aliases Yolanda Ross, Maria Long or Mary Moss, and may be teaching or attending yoga classes.

    Det Insp Bunting added: "We also have information linking him to Dublin and Italy, but he could be anywhere in Europe. It's possible he may have travelled outside the EU."

    In May this year Mr Acklom was apparently photographed in Geneva, Switzerland, but has not been sighted since.

    Earlier this year Carolyn Woods, who was working in a boutique in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, when she met him, criticised police for not doing enough to catch Mr Acklom.

    She described how he told her he was a wealthy Swiss banker and MI6 agent before disappearing with her life savings in 2012.

    Image caption Carolyn Woods met Mr Acklom when he walked into the shop where she worked in Tetbury
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    Lets keep this conman Marc Acklom in the public eye.

    If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact us or the police. Thank you.

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    Here we have a fake passport of Marc Acklom. (not a very good one) but we now have another photo of Marc Acklom.

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  12. Deed poll (change of name)

    Unfortunately it is easy to change your name in the UK when married you can take the name of your spouse (Acklom became Ros Rodriguez at one time). However you can also choose a different name, the one you like, or one that is hard to google (as Mark Acklom knows very well). For using your "new name" on official documents (bank, passport), you would have to enrol your deed poll at the Royal Courts of Justice.

    I personally think that convicted criminals should not be allowed to officially change their name. In the case of Mark Acklom, with a big history of using fake names, all alarmbells should have gone of in the Deed Poll system, unfortunately they did not!

    The only reference you can have is that the date of birth and the place of birth, of the person who changed his or her name by Deed Poll, stays the same.
    Mark Acklom aka Marc Ros Rodriguez is born on 1 June 1973 in Lambeth

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    Mark's wife.
  14. What if you try to contact the UK police, the NCA and the Europol and you get no answer what so ever!!!?????

    I am not surprised that Mark Acklom aka Marc Long aka A..... is not caught and running around for years doing scam after scam.

    I am not a victim but if I was I would blaim my government for being scammed, harmed, defrauded, they allowed and allow him to do what he does best.

    There have been numerous serious complaints and reports delivered to the UK official institutes since 2010.

    And just like now no-one is listens

    Worse; what sense does it make to do an appeal to the public, if the picture of one of the most wanted is NOT on the Europol page and no-one replies to an email.

    Knowing that Mark will be very little in the UK it would have been helpfull to have his picture up internationally.

    And to who ever fits the shoe; You could have caught him long time ago!
  15. Britain's most wanted conman Mark Acklom 'on the run' with new identity
    Mark Acklom, who is suspected of fleecing a British woman of her £850,000 life savings, is managing to evade police across Europe.

    By Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent in Geneva

    Britain's most wanted fraudster Mark Acklom is on the run with a new identity, Sky News can reveal.
    Acklom, who has used many aliases in the past, changed his name to Marc Long to get a legitimate passport and a Swiss residency permit.
    The serial conman is the subject of a European Arrest Warrant which is not recognised in non-EU Switzerland, though there is an extradition treaty between the Swiss and the British. The passport and residency permit were obtained in 2014, sometime after he fled the UK, and both are still valid.

    He rented an apartment above a shop in a drab northern suburb of Zurich, where we met a resident who helped him set up the accommodation as a favour to a mutual business associate. The man told us: "I saw him when he picked up his correspondence, but he never lived here.
    "The last time I saw him was three years ago when he was arrested, for some credit card allegation I think, but the police released him.
    "I looked at his correspondence and everything was paid, so the arrest must have been for something else."

    Acklom has changed his name officially several times over the years and used various aliases.

    He once wrote to a business associate: "Regarding names etc. Under English law it's a normal procedure to change ones name..."
    Architect David Hadfield said he rented his luxury Bath home to Acklom - then calling himself Mark Moss - and had to chase him for payment.
    When Acklom vanished, Mr Hadfield was still owed around £5,000 for design work Acklom had commissioned from him, so he hired a private detective to investigate.
    Mr Hadfield said: "I didn't lose much, but I was worried that others might become bigger victims. The detective and I believed he was building up to a huge fraud on someone. He was such a strange guy, a pathological liar who can’t help himself.
    "I Googled the name Mark Moss and couldn't find a thing about him and he tried to convince me he had paid £12m to wipe his identity from the internet."
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    It is some time since I lived in the UK However my understanding is that one can only change ones name if it is NOT for any fraudulent or criminal activity.
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    This must be his song!

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