Ros Marc Rodriquez aka Mark George Acklom aka Mark Desmond

Discussion in 'Business Scams' started by Charlie's Angel, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Those famous letters he keeps playing with: S...O...R...O...S...R...O....S....S....When will that stop??
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  2. Great help guys, special thanks to the person who took and send us the picture and the person who told us who the other man in the picture is, sitting with Mark, both followers of this thread.

    We reported the picture on the 30th of May to the NCA in the UK and the Swiss police. The identity of the other man on the 17th of July to NCA, no reaction what so ever therefore I am not surprised these two man are running around still.

    It is good we have the help of Martin Brunt of Skynews to keep the hunt going.
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  3. Martin Brunt

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    This story would not have happened without the great help of those who monitor Mark Acklom where they can. Please keep the information coming and I will keep the spotlight on the police efforts to arrest him.
  4. De Master Yoda

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    Thank you to all involved in exposing this guy and his associates.

    If anyone has any confidential information you can register here and use our private message system called "conversations" Your information can be sent to one of our staff members, via the private message and only you and the person you are sending to would know what you say.
    On our website the 'conversations' are confidential between the two parties involved. Thank you.
  5. I guess besides naming himself George Richard Soros, he even registrated a company as Soros in the UK,
    which of course is dissolved now it was called The Soros Carroll Partnership Limited, Company number 07222986

    Now you have my attention Unique send me a private message, thank you
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    @Charlie's Angel - Unique Guest has to join here, only members can send messages. :)
  7. Jessica

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    I hope someone can find him.
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  8. De Master Yoda

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    Due to the fact that this conman will be checking his name on the internet and so will see information about him I will be careful about giving him ideas.

    One of the ways we may catch him is the fact that he has to be living somewhere whether it is in lodgings or elsewhere he needs money to live and probably in large amounts to maintain his lifestyle.

    As an honest days work is alien to him it is almost inevitable that he will be continuing his old tricks. If any lady feels she knows him please check with us here before you lose your money. Or indeed if anyone has ANY contact with him please inform the police or us.
    Lets make it harder for him to hide.
    Please pass along any information however small as combined with what we already have on him it could greatly help in finding him. Thank you.
    Here are some of the various names he has used, I will add more as I find them.

    Mark Acklom, who has also introduced himself on occasions as:
    Marck Richard Acklom,
    Mark George Acklom,
    Mark Richard George Acklom,
    Marc Ros Rodriguez,
    Mark Conway,
    Mark Desmond,
    Mark R. G. Acklom,
    Marc Jacks,
    Mark Saunders,
    Marc Ros,
    Mark Ross,
    Marc Ross,
    George Kennedy,
    Zac Moss,
    Mark Richard Soros,


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