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Ok, I think Ben got this one. He gets all the cute ones.
Name used: Galina Dmitriyevna Shul'ga
Place of birth and residence: Kazan, Tatarstan Republic.

Shulga Galina Dmitriyevna.jpg
Checking passport
I have a feeling I found another scammer. Checking to see if it's legit or not. Nalatlya Kosareva. I noticed a few things slightly out of place so.

Kosareva, Natalya.jpg

birthdate 780910 in the machine readable zone (edit: see the difference to the dob above?) and check-digit 3 in the reading zone is wrong. check digit 9 would be correct.

the expiry date 110607 with cd 3 is also wrong, again 9 would be correct.

the 2 before "RUS" in the second line is wrong, there should be 5.

so it does not make sense to check the last digit "4" as it cannot be correct.

if you got id´s to check, tell me.



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If she tells you her name is Ekaterina Saukina and she says she's from Cherboksary then yes it's real. She has erased the patronymic name. Signatures don't seem to match so it's probably made from a template.