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  1. Dororo

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    Scammer: Larisa Sosnitskaya
    Business Scams (Yukos Oil, etc)

    Sosnitskaya, Lara.jpg
  2. Spanish Administrator

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  3. Dororo

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    Olga Genadyeva Ivanova
    (Hometown, birthplace): Omsk, Russia

    Ivanova Olga Genadyeva.jpg
  4. Nanook

    Nanook Administrator Staff Member

    Yulia Gennadnyevna Plotnikova, from Angarsk.

    Plotnikova Yulia.jpg
  5. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    Scammer: Nadezhda Mikailovna Ratmanova
    (Hometown, birthplace): Kirov, Russia

    Ratmanova Nadezhda Mikailovna.jpg
  6. Ben

    Ben Samurai

  7. Ben

    Ben Samurai

  8. Ben

    Ben Samurai
    [] as Elena
    [] as Elena
    [] as Evgenia

    Name: Elena Grigoryevna Bulygina
    Place of birth and hometown: Kazan, Tatarstan Republic
    Date of Birth: 17 September 1982

    Shown at

    Bulgina Elena.jpg
  9. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, I think Ben got this one. He gets all the cute ones.
    Name used: Galina Dmitriyevna Shul'ga
    Place of birth and residence: Kazan, Tatarstan Republic.

    Shulga Galina Dmitriyevna.jpg
  10. alla

    alla New Member

    And the money request
    Information for Alla Safioullina.

    Safioullina, Alla.jpg
  11. Godzilla

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    Diana Sergeyevna Malenkovich
    Hometown: Birobidzhan

    Malenkovich Diana.jpg
  12. keneke

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    Letter #9 - my travel info!!!!

    Anna Ivanovna Votintsewa or Votintseva

    Voitinsewa Anna.jpg
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  13. lemmingstu

    lemmingstu New Member

    Anna Dawydenko
    Name: Anna Dawydenko
    hometown: Omsk

    Dawydenko, Anna.jpg
  14. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Elizaveta Vladimirovna Oniyanowa or Oniyanova

    Hot or what? Nice paste job on the picture over the template.
    Elizaveta Vladimirovna Oniyanowa or Oniyanova, from Angarsk.

    Onyanowa Elizaveta.jpg
  15. Blis

    Blis New Member

    Checking passport
    I have a feeling I found another scammer. Checking to see if it's legit or not. Nalatlya Kosareva. I noticed a few things slightly out of place so.

    Kosareva, Natalya.jpg
  16. mr hand

    mr hand New Member

    Is this fake
    Hi could someone please help. How do I check to find out if this passport is fake or not? EDIT: CONFIRMED SCAMMER Tatiana Kulezjneva

    Kuleznyeva, Tatiana.jpg
  17. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

  18. Hi,

    birthdate 780910 in the machine readable zone (edit: see the difference to the dob above?) and check-digit 3 in the reading zone is wrong. check digit 9 would be correct.

    the expiry date 110607 with cd 3 is also wrong, again 9 would be correct.

    the 2 before "RUS" in the second line is wrong, there should be 5.

    so it does not make sense to check the last digit "4" as it cannot be correct.

    if you got id´s to check, tell me.

  19. sorry, did not see that i was asked about this internal pp, Russian internal passports do not have a machinereadable zone.

    @ redhog: complete fake...

    you see "88" in the number at the right. should be the rep. Mari El ( but that's not what´s written in the passport (ok, i don´t speak russian, but that´s different if you compare to how it should be written -> sth like Республика Марий Эл).

    The number in the seal does not match with the number above (122-001 which should be the rep. of komi [Республика Коми]).

    btw: the font of the number at the right side is completely wrong.

    hope, I could be helpful!

  20. Blustratos

    Blustratos New Member

    Can any one tell if this is genuine or fake. Regards.

    Saukina, Ekaterina.jpg

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