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    hello there, i'm new arround.
    i searched google about this russian passports and what do i found out ? SCAMS SCAMS SCAMS
    so...let me introduce you TAMARA ZDORIK

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    Today scammer sent me mail about his passport being ready and now he/she is looking for info to come into my country to visit me. i think next mail will say he/she needs money to come :)
    what do you suggest ? keep playing or say "nice try" ?
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    Maria Shandibina

    Bild 010.JPG
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    Hi all, can someone tell me if this passport is real? Passport Anastasiya.jpg

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    I understand that Frost Bitterwinter and the whole forum does not want to give any intelligence to the counterparts. But since Mr. Bitterwinter is highly trusted and respected, there should be more than just two words 'Nope & Fake'. I did not distrust Mr. Bitterwinter, but I was still looking for more background information and sent the same pics to the Russian Embassy in my country - and they think, the docs are both real - read for yourself:
    Auf den ersten Blick scheinen diese Dokumente nicht gefälscht zu sein. Was eher wahrscheinlich ist, dass die Person, mit der Sie Kontakt hatten, nicht die Eigentümerin dieser Dokumente ist.
    At first glance, these documents do not seem fake. What is more likely that the person with whom you have contact, not the owner of these documents.
    Es ist weitherum bekannt, dass Personen übers Internet Kontakte suchen, von denen sie dann Geld verlangen. Meistens mit dem Grund, dass zum Erhalt des Visas ein gefülltes Bankkonto vorgezeigt werden müsse oder für die Kosten des Flugtickets.
    It is widely known that people search over the Internet contacts, from which you can then ask for money. Mostly the reason that for obtaining the visas a filled bank account must be presented or for the cost of the ticket.
    So überwiesene Gelder sind in der Regel nicht mehr erhältlich zu machen.

    Wenn Sie ein Strafverfahren eröffnen wollen, so müssten Sie das bei der schweizerischen Staatsanwaltschaft tun, die dann über Rechtshilfeverfahren in Russland aktiv werden könnte. Ich nehme jedoch nicht an, dass dies zielführend sein würde.

    Hier gibt's wirklich nur eine Regel: nie Geld an irgendwelche Internetbekanntschaften senden!

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen

    Карл Экштайн

    Prof. Dr. iur.
    Rechtsanwalt und Notar
    Advocate, attorney at law, notary
    Honorary Consul of the
    Russian Federation

    Проф., д.ю.н. адвокат и нотариус
    Почетный Консул
    Российской Федерации
  10. Ok,

    I have been working in this field for more than 20 years now. I have been a specialist in ID-documents for 12 years. This passport is definitely fake. If you don´t trust me it is your problem, not mine.

    Ich kann es dir auch gerne noch mal auf Deutsch sagen: Ich verbringe mein halbes (langes) Berufsleben mit Betrügern etc., seit 12 Jahren kann ich mich durchaus als Spezialist bei Ausweisen bezeichnen und dieser Pass ist auf den ersten Blick Fake. Wenn du mir nicht vertraust, ok... schick "ihr" Geld soviel du willst. Nicht mein Problem ;)

    br/lg Frost

    EDIT: the passport number seems to be valid, but the rest is completely faked. far too many mistakes.
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    Alright, thanks, that sounds already much better. It's not really about the trust, it's more like 'just another internet contact'. And being new, I like to verify or challenge information. Seems legitimate to me. And to 'her' I've sent little money (40 euro and claiming to 'her' it's 400 euro) and 'she' picked it up in Volokolamsk, according to Western Union, and not in Reftinsky, as 'she' claimed.

    This is by the way a good indicator, but of course up to everyone self: If you wire money online, you can send just a small amount and when you send 'her' the MTCN, write a different, much bigger amount. 'She' will ask you for a receipt, but you rather call the money operator and ask where the money got picked up. And then confront them that you really did send a very large amount of money and the provider (like Western Union) did even confirm that the money got picked up, just from a different location. Just if you like to mess around...

    One more question to the experts: are those individuals dangerous? Can they inflict any harm?
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    I'm certainly not an ID document specialist like FB but even I can spot the mistake in the driver's license.
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    @jpzuerich I understand where you are coming from however it is NEVER a good idea to send ANY money to scammers, as it is in fact rewarding them for their scamming. In many parts of the world 40 euros is a lot of money.

    Re "are those individuals dangerous? Can they inflict any harm?" It has been known for scammers to kidnap people who have gone to their countries and pour petrol on them and set them alight. Some are involved in the drug and trafficking activities. So YES they are criminals and can be dangerous.

    The scammer you have been dealing with now knows that it is possible to obtain money from you and will probably try again to scam you. There is a possibility that your email has been onsold to other scammers and spammers.
    ANY details you provide to these scammers like real name etc is never a wise move.

    Re the ID, as you are aware we do not post details of how they are fake as we do not wish to educate the scammers who forge them. In the example you posted there are very clear and obvious errors. The fakes have also been confirmed by FB and so there is no doubt that they are fakes.
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    I have a passport that I want to know, if it is fake or not. Your analysis is greatly appreciated. Natalya Sergeevna Palikarpova is the name used.

    Polikarpovna, Natalya Sergeevna.jpg
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    My pleasure, the passport has now been confirmed as a definite fake.

    It looks as if the photographs used by Natalya Sergeevna Palikarpova are really Angelina Smirnova a Russian athlete.
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    passport Viktoria Troshina:

    Troshina, Viktoria.jpeg
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    Svetlana Alexsandrovna Furzikova

    Furzikova, Svetlana.png

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