Sabeen David Thiara

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Received: from, Senegal, Sonatel
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2013
From: Sabeen David thiara <>
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Hello, my darling,
How are you today? Hope fine. Thank you for your shipment, honey please try and send this e-mail to the bank. Here's what you'll copy and send to the bank. You will add your name and you copy and send to the bank. The bank will advise on the best way you can transfer this money in your account.

Standard Chartered Bank Plc
01 Aldermanbury Square,
London, EC2V 7SB,
Transfer Agent
Mr Oxford mcmoris

Hopefully this email finds you in good health. I am Mr. ................ I am from. ............ ... I am a foreign partner to Miss sabeen David Thiara gave me this information to the caller to verify the existence of his fathers ultimately in your deceased father bank.The is commonly known as Dr. David Thiara a deposit of U.S. $ 5.5 million. with account no SCB/IO/45121/0055478-541/2004 your bank.
Next of kin: Miss sabeen Thiara David.

Sir can you please confirm that account and give me the procedure needed to undergo to get this money transferred to my account

Faithfully yours ...........................

Bank Email: []
Phone Number:::: +44 703 187 8638 / +44 703 186 5581

I think I must stop here and wait to hear from you soon.
Bye and have a good day.

Yours in Love
Miss sabeen
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Received: from, Senegal, Sonatel
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013
From: Sabeen David thiara <>
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Subject: Hello Darling...

Hello dear.
How are you?? I'm so grateful for all you have doing to ensure I regain my
peace and happiness I lost since the death of my lovely parents. It's
tremendous kindness of you and I truly appreciates it. I have not seen you
in person already, but deep in my soul and heart, it beats like we have
known each other for a many years. You speak more like a blood father,
companion and comforter. Reading your mail makes me happy.
My pictures are attach here is my picture honey i want to
know how far have you gone with the lawyer legal fee try to send the money
to the lawyer so that he can be able to obtain the documents from the Fredra
high court of Senegal as the bank of London demand i we stop here till i
read the good news from you that you have made the payment i wish you the
best of the week
yours love