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    Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015
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    Subject: Re: hello, how are you?


    I was glad to see your answer at my message. Thank you, for your reply and did my mood better. I'd like to know you better and I hope that we will have interesting connection.

    I decided to write you, because I'm single woman and looking for serious relationships and my soulmate. I was in dating agency and they gave me your email address also it agency is not website. I decided not to use any settings to search, I allowed to my fate make choose. And today I found nice surprise - your answer. :)

    Also I must say to you, that I live in Russia. I hope it will not problem for you and we can start to know each other. I decided to try to find relationships in the Internet, because I saw one very good example. My friend found an acquaintance in the Internet, as it turned out, she found her happiness. She met a man from another city and soon she moved to him. I have contact with her via the Internet some time, she is happy that have made this decision and thanked fate.

    Now I will write to you more about my self, I'm 29 years old, single and never married, I do not have kids. My birthday at 25th September 1985, my zodiac sign is Libra, I do not give much sense to astrology... so I will not check if good connection between signs. I am 174 cm high and about 56 kgs. I have blond hair and gray eyes.

    I live in Vologda city, placed in the North of European part of Russia at river with the same name. It is an industrial city, administrative center of the Vologdski region, with the population about 300 thousand people. Here produces a very famous butter with a taste of walnut, it is a national brand called "Vologda butter". Please, tell me about place where you live, I'm curious to learn about new places... how it looks? What you like there?

    I live with my mother and sister in 3 rooms flat. Also I have PC at home and this is my personal email address, so only I can read it. I work as an assistant architect in the building company, since I graduated from the University. I studied in Vologda state University with a specialization in Construction. I like my work, this is a very responsible and interesting work, perhaps not a lot of salary with my appointment, but for me enough. Also I learned english when studied in University and at school, I hope you understand me good. I writing to you without any translation program.

    I have a lot interests in my spare time - music, films, outdoor activities and sport. I like going out some time with my friends, or alone usually in last time, for listen music, watch films. I like most kinds of music, usually it depend of my mood. I very much like outdoor activities for sport or just rest at nature, even does not matter at summer or winter time. Also I have a healthy life-style. I don't smoke at all, drink alcohol very rarely, may be a glass of a red wine only for celebrate. Of course, I never tried any drugs. I exercise every morning, running at summer time and go to the gym, for keep fit.

    Now you know some more about me. Please write to me about your self too, what do you do for living? What is your hobbies and what is your interests? Do you love pets? I love pets, dogs and cats.

    You know, I was excited when I wrote to you first time, worried if you will answer and what you will answer. I'm easy going woman and looking for relationships. We are in the modern world and I had decided to try use internet for dating and meet my love... Yes, I looking for love, my soulmate with whom we will happy together. I was not able to find right person in my city and now I hope to find right man. My contact with you is first experience using the internet for dating and I didn't do other. My hope and anticipation that it will be nice and positive. We have good chance to know each other better before meeting, find what we have common and what differences can complement us... to know personality, dreams and wishes. How do you think about internet dating? Do you know people who was lucky in it? I said to you, I have friend who found happiness by this way. And tell me please whom do you want to find? What kind of woman are you looking for? I'm very interesting to know.

    I will upload more pictures so you will see my appearance better. And I will glad to see your pictures, send to me more.

    Send you my positive and friendly mood. Wait for your answer soon.

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