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    Received: from ( [])
    From: "W.U Western Union"
    Date: Sun, 27 May 2018
    Subject: WUMT transfer of your compensation of $7,000 please send us 108$ for fees :

    From the Western Union cash transfer

    Congratulations to you Beneficiary Receiver,

    After the General meeting held in the office of the Presidency Dr. Patrice Talon Western Union Money Transfer and Federal Ministry of Finance Office Dakar (Senegal) today, we have agreed to transfer your compensation payment of $7,000 dollars as the best and easy way to transfer your fund fast below is the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)5240781038

    You are advised by western union general manager Mr Chris George Edward Henry to send the Activation fees $108.00 dollars to show free from sponsorship of terrorist activities from western union head office General manager because your name must be sender to clarify the transfer on your receiver information for you to easy pick up the $7,000.00 dollars at any nearest western union office in your country today. I want you to track this our website and copy this (MTCN) 5240781038 To confirmed that the money is there amount is $7,000.00 dollars

    Sender's First Name: Chris
    Sender's Last Name: Kulop
    Text Question: When
    Answer: Now
    Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) 5240781038

    According to the receipt, we are not authorized to deduct a cent from the daily payment of $7,000 dollars from the required due to the comprehensive insurance covered against lose on transits, nobody has right to deduct or reverse your mode of payments because it is sized by tax force office until you send the Activate Fees $108.00 dollars only, Then you must pick up the fund at any nearest western union office in your country today,

    Send it via western union transfer or Money Gram transfer to our cashier receiver name mentioned below
    This is information to send the fee $108 dollar

    Receiving Name: SAMUEL METZGER
    Destination Country: SENEGAL
    City: DAKAR
    Amount: $108 dollars

    You are instructed by this office to forward the copy of the transfer slip of $108.00 dollars as soon as you sent the fee today for you to easy pick up the fund fast today,

    Yours Sincerely
    Mr Samuel Metzger
    Foreign Operation Director
    Western Union´Ż« Dakar (Senegal)

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