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    Sandra Burton
    united Arab Emirate
    Dubai. SENEGAL
    Assalamu alaykum
    My name is Sandra, I am from France and currently working in united Arab Emirate Dubai.
    I view your profile in this site, i am looking for a good friend,
    that's why i drop this few lines of words to you for friendship, if you are interested please reply to me.
    I will introduce my self more and send my photos to you once you reply, I'm waiting for your reply.
    in my private email id ( sandradewibankofficial@ gmail. com ) (n)
    Best Regards from,
    Miss. Sandra..

    That's just a variation of the usual semi literate Senegal scammer text.


    Also found by email address search.

    I am Miss. Sandra and i am working in united arab emirate bank Dubai, ( sandradewibankofficial gmail. coom ) i have important issu to discuss with you,email me back ok
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