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Discussion in 'Welcome - How AFI works' started by Miyuki, Dec 31, 2015.

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  1. De Master Yoda

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    @ Vladimir you can post general technical information here:

    We tend to post things that are not useful to scammers so we do not educate or help them. If there is any thing that you are not sure about, please contact any of our moderators or admins who will happily assist you.
    They are all very nice people and trustworthy.

    You can use the private message system (conversations). Please remember that we are operating in many different time zones so a reply may take a little time. Thank you.
  2. Ok thanks!
    for sure, i never educating scammers, but always trying to help inexperienced people on how to configure/install software/hardware on their home PCs, protect from virus/spam and so on :)
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