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There are many scammers some in our own back yards, so lets fight them together. There are so many

I hoped there was more to the cite than just repetitious posting of scam emails, there are probably millions of them. I want to take action and thought there was some action here, sorry to waste your time

De Master Yoda

Staff member
@chairman We would be interested in your thoughts on what you would class as action.
Please read this: Any actions you can come up with to help in the fight against scammers would be of interest. You can use the "conversations" to any of our staff members if you wish to keep things confidential
Naturally in public on our site we do not show how we fight scammers as we do not want to educate them as to any methods to stop them.
Thank you for that link, I will read through. I have some thoughts but like you say, not in public. I do not know how to "kill phishing email links" as stated above, I delete them when I get them in the emails if that is what you mean