Scammers say the funniest things in 2017

Discussion in 'Welcome - How AFI works' started by Miyuki, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Nanook

    Nanook Administrator Staff Member

    There's a first.
  2. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    Hmm. A true statement.
  3. basenji

    basenji Administrator Staff Member

    A post full of gems

    Don't know what it is but it sounds nasty.

    Very smart. Leaving nothing for the family to fight over.

    I don't think I want to know what the foreground is up to.
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  4. Sounds like a real competent guy. I look forward to working with him. :rolleyes:
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  5. Spidey

    Spidey Ninja

    This is getting complicated.
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  6. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

  7. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    He was unavailable or the money is unavailable?
  8. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    I think Nairobi will be happier in Nevada.
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  9. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    I think time's up.

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  10. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    I wonder if any of these sods knows what a code of conduct actually is?
  11. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    My seals are always permitted to have fun.
  12. Godzilla

    Godzilla Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yea of age x 68.

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