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    Return-Path: <>
    Subject: Sales Representative needed !!!
    To: Recipients <>
    From: "Swed Chemicals" <>
    Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Schroda, purchasing manager from Swed handling Chemicals,i got your contact and feel the need to contact you for a business proposal.

    Our company is located in Sweden and are into manufacturing and chemicals products. We have a raw material called Gandagbor seed, which was needed for our product processing, which always get the raw material from India.

    Meanwhile i do come to India for this raw Materials , but now am promoted to a post of production manager and can not send to India again, although our director has asked me for the contact of local dealer in India to enable them send the new purchasing manager to India to purchase the product directly from the dealer in India. This materials can be found in India and New Zealand only but cheaper in India and moreover nearer to us.

    I want you to act as the dealer, i will present you to the company as the dealer in India where i was buying the product You would now purchase the products from the dealer who i used to buy from and supply to our company with you as direct dealer. The profit would be shared between you and i.This business is very lucrative and it is continuous.After purchase from the original seller you would sell to our new purchasing Manager, then we share the profit. You are entitle to a higher share of the profit as the facilitator, 70% for you and 30% for me. The purchasing price is $24,500 per dozen, but i used to bill my organisation $46,700 per dozen.One comprises of 12 sachet.

    Your rule must be played perfectly and the least i expect from you is betrayal. I don't want my organization to know the real coat of the product for obvious reason.

    Thanking you and obliged, while awaits for your reply via: Regards
    Schroda Wilki

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