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    Sooner or later we will get one of these. In the meantime, here is a fake Schengen Visa (issued by the European Union). It's attached to a Senegalese passport. We don't know if this guy knows his visa is a fake or not. Maybe he'd be stupid enough to try and go through passport control with this. We can only hope so.

    Name used: Drame Baka :)

    Baka Drame.jpg
  2. Quark

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    Dang. Nice paste with the photo! :D
  3. basenji

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    oy vey iz mir!

    Schengen-Staaten - not Schengen-Staten
    Besuchreisen - not Besuchereisen
    Erwerbtätigkeit - not Erwerbtatgkeit

    "Deutschland" in the stamp is revealing. Thank you for this post, in its way it makes my day.

    mbwa shenzi
  4. Jessica

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    Duke Ashman, A 1187976. It looks a lot like a Nigerian passport except for the really bad fake ones.

    Ashman, Duke.jpg
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  6. Kat

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    I didn't know that anyone had a passport photo made while wearing a tux....;)
  7. Jessica

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    Does look better than the average passport photo. Or DL.
  8. Kat

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