Death certificate Best/Worst Fake Document, 2007

One of the worst I've ever seen. He died while traveling from Michighan :rolleyes: to Ohio? and they took his body to Senegal? And the accident destroyed most of his cells? :confused: Sounds like a nuclear accident to me.
Hospital Management Board
Dr. Philips Kigali, medical director
David Babiracki, deceased

sg babiracki.jpg

Spanish Administrator

THE Spanish Administrator
Staff member
Congratulations Kid for that great fake!

Ashman Duke
Ashman Duke, Barreau (???) du Dakar

sg duke bar.jpg

Barrister Amodu Mbaye
Mbaye Noble Chambers
Miss Peace Chizizy Appiah, inheritor
Dr. Appiah Kabran, grantor

sg peace azizy.jpg
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