Hua Mulan

Staff member
Nigeria, Lagos, Spectranet LTE

Return-Path: <>
From: "George Williams" <>
Subject: Re: Final Collection Notice
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2017

Full and final payment of $973.75 today on April 2nd 2017 looks absolutely fine.
As per your request we are attaching the loan account statement. Please find the loan account statement attached.
Once the full and final payment is received a receipt along with loan clearance certificate will be sent to you stating that your outstanding debt is paid in full.
The preferred mode of payment is through Money Gram.

Details of the Receiver’s Information for Money Gram:

You can pay by visiting nearest Money Gram store:
1. Go to the nearest Money Gram store;
2. Ask for Money Gram ( money in minutes form);
3. Receiver Option: Pickup at any Agent – USD;
4. Enter the payment amount;
5. Select Same Day option;
6. Kindly fill the receiver information mentioned above in this e-mail;
7. Go to the cashier and deposit the money along with the store fees, once you hand over the cash, you will be provided with the receipt and the 8 digit reference number.
8. E-mail us the following information:
Full name:
Phone number
Amount paid
8 digit Money Gram Reference number.

Best Regards