Stanley N. Williams

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    From: Barrister Ado Mufutau []


    Dear Sir/Madam

    How are you? And how is life, hope all is well with you? I am sending this mail to you because I am badly in need of your help. My name is Stanley N. Williams I am a student of computer engineering but right now I am no longer going to school because of my fees I don’t have it , so I will stop from coming to school and my exams’ is already near , right now I don’t know what to do. Please noting is too big or too small for you to use in helping me, this is my final exam and if I don’t take it now that means I have to start allover again and you know what it means. Please whatsoever amount you can give to me as a result of help, I prayer that may the good Lord continue to bless you and your families, may he also protect you and provide for you and your families when you are in need. Please help me so that I can finish my school and start working, please in the Name of The Lord. Amen!!!!

    Stanley N. W

    Now this is pathetic . Barrister Ado Mufutau , posing as a student and begging for money.

    It must be tough times for Scammers . :)
  2. Barrister Ado Mufutau , +2348121570215

    Barrister Ado Mufutau , []

    AKA Stanley N.Williams

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