Stuart Beare, military in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Military Romance scams' started by Johanna M, May 22, 2013.

  1. Johanna M

    Johanna M Member

    Skype strikes again. There're lots of cheaters in Skype trying to get contact almost weekly and all of them supposed to be from US military or NATO-military. Watch out all military contact requests in Skype!

    Once got cheated for lots, never again
    Johanna from Finland
  2. Rosalyn Odanga

    Rosalyn Odanga New Member

    There are many scammers particular, one calling himself Stuart Beare a military based in Afghanistan who uses dating sites like tagged to con women, I was almost falling for him till I got curious when he started promising me big house, big car without me showing him any interest on his money, he went on to ask me for my account no. and later twisted the story that I should send him some money since he cannot access money from the went on till I tricked him to send me details of where n to whom I should send the money to and he sent a name which at the end he put destination GHANA. I immediately blocked him and when I tried to see whether I could locate him in my contacts I could not find his details.

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