Stupid excuses scammers use when they get caught

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Here are some really lame-ass excuses scammers use when they get caught being scammers and they become public figures.

If you are a normal person, enjoy a good laugh.

If you are a scammer/criminal, these excuses have already been used so try again.

Ready gang? First one.....
Someone stole my facebook account!
We've heard that one a lot lately.

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We get this one a lot, in one form or another:
You do a good job at AFI. Those other guys are guilty but I'm innocent.
I think there was one that some scammer tried with us:
Someone stole my mobile phone....
Yeah, like you would keep paying the bill for a stolen mobile phone for 3 years. Nice try, yahoo boi.


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I will take legal action
No you won't. You aren't even close to legal action and there isn't any you can take anyway. It's an empty threat. Don't even breathe it around here because there are lots of lawyers here and when you use this excuse it just pisses them off.

My email account has been tampered with several time...
Well boo-hoo.
I caught a romance scammer with an account on another site - he told me his friends BEFORE he left Europe were being a bad influence and set him up with a couple sites so he COULD scam but it wasn't in his nature to do so

which was why THEY broke into his hotel in Nigeria (he had to fly back due to the sudden death of his brother) and took his laptop, passport and money and needed me to help him out


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Acceptable excuses

All right, fair is fair. Here are some excuses that we will accept for your scamming actions.

1. The CIA implanted microchips in my body and they are controlling me.
This is acceptable as an excuse for your stupidity in getting caught but you are going to have to explain:
a) why the CIA would have any interest in you,
b) why they would need to control you, and
c) why having you scam is something the CIA would do.

2. Aliens from outer space are controlling my mind and making me do this.
That's fine and we'll accept this as an excuse as long as you can prove to us:
a) who the aliens are, and
b) that you have a mind to control.

3. I am stupid.
Yes, well that is blatantly evident.


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@ scammers

Please note that we do not accept excuses from other people posted on your behalf. Don't have all your little scam-buddies write us and tell us you are innocent. We don't accept excuses from them, we only accept them from you as long as they meet the standards above.


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I never scammed anyone and besides I didn't make any money from it.
This excuse seems to say that because a scammer didn't make any money he didn't scam anyone. Around here, the attempt is the same as a completed act. If you sent the email you are a scammer. How much money you made (or didn't) is not the issue.
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