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    Date: 2016-12-03
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    We are 26 Mining Cooperatifs here in Huate Guinea which has the largest Mining Sites/ Communities here in Guinea .

    We are using this medium to advertise our Gold Bars which the entire Mining Groups from 5 prefecture here in Haute Guinea have decided to sell via our Central Bank here in Guinea.

    Right now we are willing to move 175kg of Gold Bars 97.08 Purity 22 Carats+ from our Villages here in Guinea to our Central Bank in Conakry where the Buyer will fly down to Conakry to buy directly from our Central Bank on our behalf.

    Our Central Bank here in Guinea will be the final seller on our behalf when we must have deposited our Gold Bars with them and the Bank will Invite the Buyer down to come into their premises in Conakry to make a full assay of our Gold and buyer pays what ever Qty he wishes to buy directly to our Central Bank Account here in Guinea and our Central

    Bank will make the shipment of what ever Qty the Buyer is willing to buy from this 175kg with outright Payment to the Bank after full assay on arrival to Guinea for the purchase.

    This Transaction is strictly on first come first serve basis and we will ONLY link the final Buyer to our Central Bank here in Guinea before proceeding.

    All intermediaries are advised to sign an NCNDA/IMFPA with their Buyer to enable us deal directly. The Intermediaries can decides who pay their commision of 1000 USD per kg we are willing to give to any intermediaries that is able to bring the right Buyer to us to buy this 175Kg.

    We have attached our FCO to this message for all Buyers and Buyer Agents perusal and we will only move the Gold to our Cetral Bank in Conakry from the Villages only after we must have received the final Buyer Flight Itinery with Confirmed Ticket copy simply because it is going to cost us Money here in Guinea to safe keep our Gold Bars inside the Central Bank before the Buyer fly down to Conakry for the purchase.

    We does not want to incure such expenses paying to safe keep our Gold inside our Central Bank on your Gold on None serious Buyer or Broker Jokers.

    We are willing to sign a Contract of 350kg a Month CIF Delivery to Buyer choice of Refinery via our Central Bank here in Guinea for 13 Months after Buyer must have successfully completed the purchase of our 175kg on arrival to our Central Bank here in Guinea for the purchase of this 175Kg on FOB.

    The Central Bank will be the one to help ship the Buyers Gold from Conakry to his Country by Air France Cargo after full assay of our Gold inside our Central Bank . This is the only way one can export Gold Bars out of Guinea

    Kind Regards.
    Sylla Aboubacar

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