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Discussion in 'Internet Sales scam' started by Sklossmonster, Aug 16, 2014.

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    Just registered here due to a suspicious email I just received. As soon as I read it my "Spidey-sense" started tingling, but like most people who get duped by scammers, I want to believe it's true, so of course I started digging around.

    I haven't been able to confirm my suspicions yet, but I'm guessing someone here will be able to set me straight.

    I'm selling a motorcycle online, and after receiving a text asking for the "Firm price and condition" I sent a detailed reply by email which produced this response to my email address, from "Tech Sgt. Gary Sherlock" :

    (To me)

    I got your mail. Well, I have read through your ad and from what I
    have seen,it is priced favorably compared to others so I want you to
    consider it sold to me because I am ready to buy it for the asking
    price.I am Tech Sgt Gary Sherlock currently on duty serving the
    country.Presently I am out of town on duty in a remote area until
    November 12. We have a bad and fluctuating network here otherwise I
    would have called you and seal the deal on phone. At the moment, email
    and text messages works best for me.Nevertheless,I am ready to seal
    the deal right away and pay you via my PayPal account that is attached
    to my bank account as it is the only secure form of payment that I
    have access to right now. So,kindly get back to me with your
    so that I can initiate the payment immediately.If you don't have a
    paypal account, it is absolutely free to set one up, kindly visit shipper will be hired that will come for the pick up
    upon the completion of the payment aspect of the transaction.Let me
    have the requested details to proceed with the payment if we have a
    deal. TY


    I'm starting to think it must be, based on what I've seen on this site. If it is, what should I do? How should I handle it?

    Thank you to whoever takes the time to reply.
  2. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    I'm guessing that whoever he is he doesn't want to buy anything from you. He might try and pay something with someone else's Paypal account. I'd just look for another offer. You might also check
  3. De Master Yoda

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    @Sklossmonster. Welcome to AFI. The email sets of a lot of red flags and uses a similar script to other scam emails.

    Here is a link to a scam report made on Craigslist.


    Here is another link to scams that use the same wording:

    I think that you can see it is a scam. It is best if you stop all contact with the scammer and just report him to the site he used to contact you on.
  4. InglewodJack

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    Well his deployment must have just got pushed out because mine is word for word from the OP but the date is December 12! LOL

    I registered to post a follow-up in case others search it like I did so they can see its very much a scam.


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