The "You're Going To Be Arrested" Scam!

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    Earlier I had posted about this in the story section but I'm putting it here because of an alarming development. Yesterday, a man called my daughter at work saying she'd be arrested for fraud tomorrow morning if she didn't pay him $386 and that he was a federal agent. He wanted her debit card number and her pin, which of course she refused to give him. He knew her social security number, her cell phone number, her fiance's cell phone number, her old address and her new one that she'd just moved to. She made a report to the police and when she got up this morning, she discovered her bank account had been drained! Even though she never gave him one number! It turns out the money went to Dubai or Mumbai in India. The man does have an Indian accent and uses several aliases. I googled the number and several people have had calls from the same number with nearly the same scenario but all of them threatening arrests. Thing is, he even had the nerve to call her again today at her job! This time he was extremely nasty. She mentioned she'd reported him to the police and he told her to go to hell and hung up.

    Here is the phone number he used: 347-289-3012. He says his name is Tom Atkinson. Of course he uses other names with other people and his accent is so thick you can barely understand him. Has anyone else had any dealings with this animal? :mad: :mad: :mad:

    Here is a link to check any number you suspect is a scam number. If it's on the list, it will bring up posts from others who have been threatened and/or scammed.
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    Area code 347 is an overlay in New York City. We've seen a few scammers in that area.
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    Sure is, Sphinx! I found it's actually Brooklyn, King's County, New York. Wish I lived there, grrrrrr! This thing is getting big. I've been researching it all day and it's report after report of the same thing. Mostly though, they've not gotten into people's accounts. The did hers though and I don't know how they did it. But the records show the money went to India. :mad:
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    Did he sound African? There are criminal gangs working all over but India is one of their favorite destinations. If there are insiders or people stealing personal information like this we need to get the FBI on that.
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    Hi Miyuki, No it was a heavily accented Pakistani or Indian man who I found in my research is always described the same way although they do mention a woman too who makes the calls but is nicer than the man. I'm sure there are many of them. I've traced the phone numbers to the Brooklyn area of New York and my daughter said that the money that came out of her account was sent to India. The man has several aliases and his pattern is always the same and predictable. I just have no idea how they got into her account since she'd never given him any information. There is another number my daughter says that is an international number but generally it's the Brooklyn NY number that is utilized.

    Good idea! Thank you. :) I have a pretty good malware program that I run every day but I'm not sure about my daughter's software on hers. Thanks again. ;)
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    I've contacted some investigative reporters as well and the BBB, and posted warnings other places as well. I'm hoping perhaps one of the reporters can call the name and claim that someone had left a message that they need to call and can then go from there. When Atkinson called my daughter again, she told him not to call her anymore but she's going to let him keep calling a couple of times as the police said they want to establish at the very least a harassment case.
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    My pleasure.:spudnikhattip:

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