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Inheritance certificate
Scammer: Pala Ebulu
Names used: Daniel Smith, deceased
Michael Gura or Gure, registrar
Justice Kagi Alasiki, Togo High court

Smith high court.jpg


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Confirmation of Bonafidity
And what is Dishuman Appliance? An electrical goods store?
Scammer: Pala Ebulu
Name used: Daniel Smith, deceased


Spanish Administrator

THE Spanish Administrator
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Banque san Frontiere
Application for Release of funds - Banque san Frontiere
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
Names used: Barrister Patrick Khan (a khan artist?)
Syemenouh Kwase, Director General
Veronica Kayas

Khan bsf.jpg


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Banque san Frontiere PLC
^^^Variation of same deposit Certificate as above.
Name used: Sinclair West
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye

West cd.jpg


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Anti-Terrorist Enforcement Agency
Stop Order
Scammer: Imrmanuel Chineye
Names used: Topchrono Delivery Agency, Lome, Togo
Dr. Jones Kodjo, director General

anti terrotist stop.jpg

The Doctor

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A "Coded Deposit Certificate". I guess the code make it better than an uncoded deposite certificate. But what is the code for? Is it secret?
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye

btci chineye.jpg


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Payment of Income Tax
Federal Board of Internal Revenue
Togolaise Exchange Control Commission
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
Name used: Chief Mrs. Maria Akintola

Akintola tax.jpg
Federal High Court of Lome
Scammer: Garang Kibembi
Namesused: Barrister Sylvia Mayer, K.M. Chamber & Associates
Pascal K. Kibembi, client
Global Security & Finace, Amsterdam
Garang Audre Kibembi

Kibembe court.jpg
ECOWAS Contract Supply Approval
Names Used: Zhang Bing You, director, Huatai Garments Company
Hon. Mr. Dagogo Gupta Boateng, Chairman ECOWAS Contract Committee

Ecowas Contract.jpg
Vintage Security and Finance Company
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
Names used: Carl Johnson, deceased depositor
Hon. Barrister Patrick Khan (a Khan artist if there every was one)
Symenouh Kwasi, director general, Vintage Security

Chineye vintage.jpg
West Africa Monetary Union Stop Order
Order to stop the transfer of funds.
Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
Named Used: West Africa Monetary Union, Lome, Togo
Dr. Nuru Kodjo, International Client Officer