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  1. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Passport Name: Victor Martin Bodjona
    Scammer: Immanuel Chineye

    Martin Bodjon Victor.jpg
  2. Godzilla

    Godzilla Super Moderator Staff Member

    Emmanuel Eze
    Scammer: Emmanuel Eze

    Eze Emmanuel.jpg
  3. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Joseph Nkwazema
    Scammer: Joseph Koffi Knwazema

    Knwazema Joseph.jpg
  4. Poirot

    Poirot Member

    Abbey Assiambo

    419 Scammer: Abbey Assiambo

    Abbey Assiambo1.jpg Abbey Assiambo2.jpg
  5. Poirot

    Poirot Member

    Franklin Okoh

    Scammer: Franklin Okoh, Togo Passport

    Okoh Franklin.jpg
  6. Spidey

    Spidey Ninja

    Name on passport: Kaou Sankara
    Scammer also known as Sankara Kaou

    Sankara, Kaou.jpg
  7. Godzilla

    Godzilla Super Moderator Staff Member

    Name on pasport: John Chukwuma
    Scammer: Martins Chima

    Chukwuma John.jpg
  8. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Walter Oko, name on passport
    Scammer: Martins Chima

    Oko walter.jpg
  9. Naruto

    Naruto Administrator Staff Member

    Eugene Michael

    Michael Eugene.jpg

    IM A GOOD GURL Samurai


    @ Naruto

    The poor chap who's pic that actually IS, (according to the information I have), lost his ID in a cafe', where it was picked up and used by a scammer in various scams :mad:
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  11. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    Kodjo Mensah
    Another of the famous Mensah family. :rolleyes: And a banker of course.

    Mensah Kodjo.jpg
  12. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Giant Admin for a Day Staff Member

    Yousef Hussain
    Yousef Hussain, probably a diplomat.

    Hussain, Yousef.jpg
  13. Merovingian

    Merovingian Ninja

    TOGO Passport or Joke? Ganutar Avis
    Have a look at the most worse passport I have ever seen:D

    Avis, Ganutar.jpg
  14. mysteryquest

    mysteryquest Member.

  15. Sphinx

    Sphinx Administrator Staff Member

    Barrister James Slot, or Slot James, depending on if this idiot knows what "surname" means which he doesn't.

    Slot James.jpg

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