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  1. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    ID card Name: Mohamed Yaya
    Scammer: Immanuel Chineye

    Yaya Mohammed.jpg
  2. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Environmentally conscious scammer

    Here is a scammer who believes in recycling, recycling his fake IDs, that is.

    ID Names used: # 1 - Alfred Mensah, of the Banquiers sans Frontieres (B.S.F.), Lome, Togo
    # 2 - Benson Anthony, of the African Development Bank (Annex), Lome, Togo
    #3 - Morgan Smith, of the Banque Togolaise pour le Commerce et Industrie, BTCI, Togo
    #4 - Sanchez Mbeki, B.T.C.I. Bank, Lome Togo.

    The scammer is Immanuel Chineye, of Togo

    Mensah Alfred.jpg

    Benson Anthony.jpg

    Smith Morgan.jpg

    Mbeki Sanchez id.jpg
  3. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Martin Bodjona - Ecobank
    ID Name: Martin (Victor) Bodjona
    Scammer: Immanuel Chineye

    Bodjona Martin.jpg
  4. Marie

    Marie Administrator Staff Member

    Bayo Williams & co.
    Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
    Name used: Bayo Williams, Chief Judge

    Williams Bayo.jpg
  5. Poirot

    Poirot Member

    Here is a Togolese driver's license used by scammers. They use an almost identical template for the Benin one:

    Togo dl.jpg
  6. Marie

    Marie Administrator Staff Member

    Dr. George John
    Western Union ID :confused:

    John George.jpg
  7. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Dr. Nicholas Tiaperk

    Western de Union :confused:
    Dr. Nicholas Tiaperk

    Tiaperk Nicholas.jpg
  8. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Giant Admin for a Day Staff Member

    Umuh Jarry Ololo

    Umuh Jarry Ololo, also spells it Umeh Ololo.

    Ololo Umuh Jarry.jpg
  9. Naruto

    Naruto Administrator Staff Member

    Henry Konare

    he has many names and many ID cards :) . who is he today?

    Konare Henry.jpg

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