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    Hara 2608-58, Numazu,
    Shizuoka 410-0312, Japan
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are exporters, we export materials/products ,such as Middleware adaptors, laptops,Desk Top ( Flat Screen and Normal screen computer),Decorder,Phones and General Electrical appliances and we export from japan and import them into Europe,America, Canada and Australia.
    It is upon this note that we are writing you this mail to seek your assitance in representing our company in your locality as our representative. Note that as a representative of our company; You will be entitled to 5% of any amount you receive from customers on behalf of the company as payments for outstanding debts or goods that they are wanting to buy.You are to contact clients on behalf of the our company who are ready to make payments .Due to increase demands of our products in America andCanada, we deceided to move our products often into the continent of America. By so doing, we are looking for someone who can serve as an in-country representative who will be serveing as a link between us and our customers within that province.
    If you are interested in working with us. we will be very glad.Subjecttoyoursatisfaction,Kindly furnish us with the below informations:
    1.Name In Full
    2.Contact Address
    3.Direct Phone Number
    6.Marital Status
    Reply via our private email; <>

    Mrs. Robinson Wool.
    Hara 2608-58, Numazu, Shizuoka 410-0312, Japan
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