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    Date: Tue, 22 May 2018
    Subject: Re: Gotta go!

    This is what is going to happen, and I want you to read and understand very clearly.

    One of these two will be fulfilled by your J...., else disaster looms for you at the end.

    1. You send $8,000 worth of Bitcoin to an address I will provide, if you select this option, it means you have 2 weeks to fulfill it.

    2. $8,000 could be a big money for you to pay at once, that is why this one comes in to fix it. If you select this option, you are supposed to do the following ;

    * Go to At&T San Bernadino once in a week to pick up a Phone order that would be made.

    * Note that, at the store you will need to pay Sales Tax of about $380 per order.

    * Then an address will be given to you for you to post the phones you take at the AT&T store, this will be via USPS / Post Office

    * Then the cycle continues after once in a week, you go to store, pick phones, pay sales tax, send them to USPS / Post office.

    * The cycle would last for 20 weeks, that is 20 orders.

    You must respond to this email before 26th May. You studied in very good schools, you are a teacher and I assume you to be smart, that is why I wouldn't want to tell or repeat what is going to happen if one of these things are not done. But I am sure you've figured out already that these options are far better than the cost of a divorce, than the cost of having negative implications with your Job and possible dismissal, it is far lesser in cost than to lose self respect and the pain of your kids finding out. Lets make this simple !

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