Ubuntu Forums hacked (again)

Discussion in 'Alerts!' started by toper01, Jul 16, 2016.

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    Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has warned that there has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums site, resulting in the theft of two million members' usernames, IP addresses, and email addresses:

    At 20:33 UTC on 14th July 2016, Canonical’s IS team were notified by a member of the Ubuntu Forums Council that someone was claiming to have a copy of the Forums database.

    After some initial investigation, we were able to confirm there had been an exposure of data and shut down the Forums as a precautionary measure. Deeper investigation revealed that there was a known SQL injection vulnerability in the Forumrunner add-on in the Forums which had not yet been patched.

    If you think you may have heard a similar story in the past, your memory isn't deceiving you. Ubuntu Forums was previously hacked in 2013.
  2. I am am very unhappy to hear these news,because I visit Ubintu forums occasionally to have some read
    And as I trust their site I visit them without VMware / sandbox ==== I am afraid my pc can be infected :(

    maybe I shoud start the full virus scan just right now
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    It is always a good idea to keep your anti virus up to date and run regular scans. You may feel more comfortable by changing your passwords after a scan as well.
  4. Yes thats a good practice.
    Am going to take all possible actions
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  5. Well actually my system was scanned this night and nothing suspicious was found.:)
    Anyway going to change passwords I use with my PC,it is better to take right actions now;) before it is too late.:cry:

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