Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria

De Master Yoda

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Oh dear it looks we have another yahoo boy who has found that fame and fortune are fickle mistresses. I wonder if he can't get a visa to work or study in another country? Or perhaps he is in trouble with the law? Anyway, Uche, this has been here since 2010. Why the sudden interest?
I suspect that his past is catching up with him. If he tries for a visa I am sure the authorities will find out all about his life of crime when they check.

Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria are you finding out that being a low life scammer is not all bling and booze?

Thanks for bringing more attention to yourself, as this will encourage more exposure and could help the authorities to see what a low life lying cheating scumbag you really are, I hope many of your relatives and scammer pals see how low you have sunk.


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Well his email <everichs2000@yahoo.com> is active and he does answer mail. Now he calls himself "uche shidinky" and he's in Nigeria, on, Calaba, Globacom Information Systems Department.


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good soul, I think it's time to quote a reggae classic here: "Rude boy, before I sentence you, what have you got to say in your defense?"

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Wetin dey Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria. UCHE seems to like using the two finger sign. Now where have we seen that before UCHE?

Oh yes, it is used by those who are members of the illegal African confraternities. "A word to the wise" eh UCHE.


De Master Yoda

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So Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria, is not happy about being exposed as a low life scamming scumbag.

Now you may have some idea of the heartache your scamming has caused to innocent people. At least in your case you deserve to be exposed so that all your so called friends and relatives can see how low you have sunk as a human being.

Yes you would be surprised to know how many of the authorities check the internet and can see your crimes so clearly. Want to travel? sorry, but NO one wants scammers and parasites like you in their country.

I guess your OGA forgot to tell you about the dues you have to pay when you decide to start scamming. Never mind small boi Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria. we will help you to remember.

Ooh, frat boy? Which one? Airheads?
In his facebook page he says he is interested in women AND MEN!! Perhaps he is a member of the Pansy wansy axe gang. When caught out he is certainly crying like a wimpy mummys boy.

Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria.


eagle lord

His email everichs2000@yahoo.com still seems to be active (my mail didn't bounce) but he doesn't want to answer me. :(
fools make una go fine work make una dey speak English. bastards your generations will never know peace that is a cause i lay on you just watch you will see

De Master Yoda

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Uchenna "Uche" Naldo Nnam, Nigeria. dat be u Small BOI.? :LOL:

E no go beta for you
Wetin dey MUGU una want some curses?

chineke kpokwa gi oku
ekwensu rasikwa gi anya
Amadioha kpokwa gi oku.