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    United Nations Refugee Card - Michika Oman

    U.N. Refugee card:
    Scammer: Michika Omam or Michika Michika.
    These are funny. She is a refugee from Sierra Leone but she lives in Brunei. It's about as far from Sierra Leone as one can go. And Brunei is one of the richest countries in the world so why she would even be a refugee is another question.
    These pictures are recycled.

    Oman Michika1.jpg Oman Michika2.jpg
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    James Mark of Nigeria

    Mark, James.jpg
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    Scammer: Ferdinand Stone - United Nations

    un-id2 stone.jpg
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    Hey have we got a treat for you. This is a document supplied to us by our celebrity scammer, Mekky Martin/ Enwerem David Ikechuckwu.. Notice those blanked out places? All Mekky has to do is photochop in a new picture, a new name, a new date of birth, and a new ID number and voila! Instant fake ID. This is how they do it. They even provided the little line at the top.

    Mekky id.jpg
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    Stephen Howard. He is working at WHO and he need ladies to help him invest for the pharmacy store. right now he is in France. He still try to get money from the ladies.

    Howard Stephen.jpg
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    Dr. Kelvin M. Kaufour
    Dr. Kelvin M. Kaufour. What's with the suit? it looks like prison clothes.

    Kaufour, Kelvin.jpg
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    Henry Smith Brooks

    Henry Smith Brooks, from Ghana, with diplomatic immunity. And he's a secret agent so don't mess with him.

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    Moses Clifford

    Clifford Moses.jpg

    ...and his sister Christiana

    Clifford Christiana.jpg
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