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Fake UPS Scam from "REALTY AGENT SECURITIES [RAS] (consult@realtyagent.com)"
Date: 01 : 01 : 2011

Introduction:*Your diplomatic baggage now in UPS.COM Storehouse Facility will take 3 working days to be delivered. Diplomat Tony Lamothe (the deliveryman) will arrive your designated delivery address at a given date.
We are a security company that help governments and important dignitaries to save photographic/diplomatic materials, gold, diamonds and antiquities from the entire world.

Details of your baggage:
What we are to ship to your home is rather known as DIPLOMATIC CONSIGNMENT. The content was registered by Saidou Agbantou (the depositor) as DIPLOMATIC MATERIALS. The baggage bincode is 23NP33098KLH1094GIT220098. The value declared by depositor is 18.5 Million usd worth of diplomatic materials. The weight is 158kg. It is presently in our Cotonou, Benin location.

Highlights:Your baggage can not be opened by customs at the airport under diplomatic rules. 15,000 USD has been paid to ship it to your home. Same ID you sent to Peter Taylor Esq. must be shown to the diplomat when he gets to your home. A tracking number will be given to you to know movement and when it will get to you.

Letter of Guarantee/Promissory Note:
By this instrument, I Mr. Azure Bentley hereby issue this letter of guarantee as a 'performance Bond' pursuant to our agreement to deliver this consignment after a successful security evaluation as we have received/confirmed the sum of 15,000 USD being payment towards the financial obligation enabling the freight of the baggage via our diplomatic courier service. I hereby ratify/confirm that 15,000 USD represents the sole and financial obligation enabling the freight of the consignment from Benin location to your designated delivery address in JAPAN.

Our Contact:
Head office- UK, fax: +44-7005800193, Phone: +44-7035947913 for any clarification
(9 am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday)
Diplomat Tony Lamothe email: diplomat2000@realtyagent.comDocument required before we proceed:
Furnish us with POWER OF ATTORNEY from court authorizing you as intended recipient.


On receipt of the aforementioned, we will advise you further and consequently proceed with the delivery of your baggage.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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Benin Cotonou 4g 3g And Gprs Customers

Return-Path: <www.@galaxy.ocn.ne.jp>
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2017
From: Ups Company <"www."@galaxy.ocn.ne.jp>
Reply-To: Ups Company <ups_gen_manager@outlook.com>
Message-ID: <7768______________________________________root@galaxy.ocn.ne.jp>
Subject: Urgent Needed?

Good day My dear We have finally arranged to deliver your consignment box which worth $4,500.000.00usd,and The other things inside your consignment box, like Cloth, iphone 7, shoes and your ATM Card, through the national UPS company. The agent is already in san Francisco Int'l airport (USA) with your package We were able to accomplish this through the help of IMF director John Andy and every necessary arrangement has been made successfully with UPS Agent Mr. Mike Ben Contact person: diplomat Mr Mike Ben with your delivery information such as

(Receivers name)............
(Country)..................... . .
(Home Address)....................
(Phone Number).....................
(Male/Female )........................... .......

Call the agent at +1 (587) 409-6173 and dunnclifton2@gmail.com
ATM CARD registration code (GL-1416) and
Your Pin code (4917).

Yours Sincerely
Return-Path: <do-not-reply@yahoo.com>
Received: from (EHLO sonic332-17.consmr.mail.bf2.yahoo.com) (
From: ups delivery <upsdelivery301@yahoo.com>
Subject: Cancelled: urgent attention @ Saturday, 28 April 2018

attention, This is from UPS Shipping Company ,we have been mandated to deliver your Consignment box worth $3.5 Million United States dollars from the new government of benin republic to your doorpost.In compensation to your scam lost. This aid by the present government of the country, To help rebuild a clean name and purify the wrong identity pictured by the media about this great nation, On behalf of the government of this country, We here by apologize for your lost during your dealing with this scam artist, And also advise that you take proper precautions when dealing with peoples you barely know, Especially on line.please indicate the delivery man on this number;+1 626- 988- 1233. and ask him how you will get your Consignment box. Insurance and tax fee has been taking care of dont pay money to anybody.the only fee your paying is the delivery fee wish is $400.00 USD He is presently in Terminal 4 in SAN DIEGO'S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT USA, which serves as a major international hub for Delta Air Lines at SAN DIEGO, he arrived SAN DIEGO'S INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT USA yesterday at about 11:15am EDT. RECONFIRM your FULL INFORMATION to him to AVOID WRONG DELIVERY SUCH AS YOUR NAME....................... YOUR HOME ADDRESS............... YOUR COUNTRY................... YOUR PHONE NUMBER............... YOUR OCCUPATION................. YOUR NEAREST AIRPORT........... ; Always At Your Service, contact diplomatic MARK morris. for delivery +1 626- 988- 1233 (markmorris3031@gmail.com) GOD BLESS YOU


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Nigeria, Lagos, Spectranet Limited

Return-Path: <ups2321@usa.com>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2018
From: UNITED PARCEL SERVICE <ups2321@usa.com>

We are to inform you that the delivery of your package will be done today provided how quickly you comply with the below stated directives.This office is aware the money you have spent and we want to assure you that you would not spend a penny more.Also the file attached is safe and for your access only.

All you need to do is to Please download the attachment and make sure you login this your email ID and Password to confirm you are the through beneficiary of the funds.You should not worry for this file is encrypted and your information is secured.We therefore urge you to proceed now and login this your email information and every other email information you have been scammed from and then you will get access to your tracking number which you will go to your bank or any delivery company near with for them to confirm you are expecting a delivery/transfer.Please make sure you use the correct email information to login in.

IF YOU OPEN THE DOCUMENT NAMED TRACKING NUMBER THEN CLICK ON VIEW FILE HERE AND YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE LOGIN PAGE. Make sure you use your correct email information for login then you will be directed to your file which you will go any of your bank branches for claim.